Dual Boot

  D@z© 12:49 13 Sep 2008

I have 2 hard drives with XP on both. On start up I have the choice on which drive to boot into. I have now put Vista on 'C' but it wont allow me to boot into the second drive. What can I do?

  PO79 14:18 13 Sep 2008

Download EasyBCD from here click here and install to Vista. It will allow you to cinfigure the boot loader to give the option to boot into either OS.

  iqs 15:51 13 Sep 2008

You should install the oldest OS first.I had XP installed,fitted a second HDD and then installed Vista.
The boot loader was created,I have the option to choose which OS.

  D@z© 16:18 13 Sep 2008

Well I have Vista installed on my biggest hard drive on 'C' and how I want it. If I reinstall XP on 'D' will I be able to have the choice of what drive to boot into?

  D@z© 17:48 13 Sep 2008


  iqs 18:41 13 Sep 2008

Have you fitted and formatted the second HDD you want to install XP on.
If yes,when you started the install procedure for XP,did you experience any issues.

  iqs 18:45 13 Sep 2008

does this help

click here

click here

  D@z© 18:51 13 Sep 2008

I have had both drives installed and running fine with XP on both. I decided to upgrade 'C' to Vista but now 'D' with XP on will not boot.

  D@z© 18:53 13 Sep 2008

Most tutorials seem to be for 1 drive and partitioning it. I have 2 seperate drives.

  iqs 20:53 13 Sep 2008

I keep various PC fixes,routines,procedures and how to guides that I find useful via the web.You never know when they might come in handy..

I found this possible dual boot setup procedure on the web when I was considering a dual boot.

I have never tried it this way,I have always installed XP first.

I would read the below,and do some investigating first, before you attempt this.

Lets hope some forum gurus out there can comment on this

Disconnect the XP HDD, install vista on the second HDD, then reconnect the XP hdd. Leave XP drive as first boot drive in BIOS. Use the quick boot menu of the BIOS to select vista HDD when you want to boot to that. Check MB manual for quick boot support. I've seen either Esc or F11 at boot to activate the quick boot menu. This way you avoid the vista boot manager, which is somewhat of a pain to get rid of if you decide you don't want to dual boot anymore.

Hope it helps

  D@z© 09:26 14 Sep 2008

Would it be easier to put Vista on the 2nd drive too?

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