Dual Boot, 2HDD, XP Home on both

  Elrond 14:49 15 Jun 2004

I have just been looking through previous threads regarding a dual booot system as described in the title of this thread. My current system is running XP home on a 30GB HDD and I have got a new 80GB HDD. What I planned to do is install XP Home onto the new drive and then have a dual boot with the other. However this is only if the question i am going to ask will work. So here goes. If I boot into the new HDD XP will I be able to see the other HDD? The reason being it would then be easier for me to copy a lot of my files across to the new HDD. I know some might be thinking why dont you just copy the whole HDD across but I really want to do a clean install of XP and all programs I use onto the new HDD. Cheers.

  Lozzy 14:53 15 Jun 2004

The answer I believe is NO. Why would you really want to do that better in my opinion to do a clean install on your original HDD and use 2nd HDD as a slave.

  Elrond 15:00 15 Jun 2004

I need to keep a lot of the files so dont wanna delete them. Plus my original HDD will be closer to failure than the new so this will become my slave eventually. I was trying to avoid saving aload of stuff to cd but I think I'll partition the new one and save what i need onto that and then install XP onto the other partition. I also wanted to keep everything ruinning on the old HDD so that there is still access to the internet and programs while I take a while to get everything sorted on the new HDD.

  dth 15:10 15 Jun 2004

Why not put the new HD into your p/c as a slave drive. Copy across all the files from your existing HD to the new one. Then wipe the existing HD and re-install Windows XP on to it.

Then your system would be:-

HD 1 - Windows XP / Program Files

HD 2 - All your files, emails etc

Then why not make a separate data back-up partition on HD 1. So in future years if
either HD has problems you are covered.

  Elrond 15:15 15 Jun 2004

Also, will the system boot okay with two XPs. Will it give me a boot screen asking to choose which one?

  Lozzy 15:18 15 Jun 2004

yes to your last question.

  johnsims 15:46 15 Jun 2004

Try HyperOs. It provides facilities for multiple copies of the OS (up to 22 windows installations from win95 through to longhorn)
Each partition is visible to the other.
Backup system images and restores via drag and drop. Absolutely fantastic bit of software, though not real cheap. Has saved me ££££s in reinstall time over the last two and a half years. One system stable for that long?? I know it sounds improbable, but it is true. I run three copies of W98SE and 4 copies of XP pro on the same PC to do different jobs.
look at their site - click here

  Elrond 15:52 15 Jun 2004

I have just installed XP Home onto my new HDD and all is fine. I can see the other drive when on the second so thats great. Thanks to all for help.

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