dual boot with 2 hd's

  mad1234 21:11 14 Jul 2011

Hey guys i had 2 pc's until a power surge blew 1 up. i have rescued the HD from it & want to put it in the other pc with a dual boot but i haven't the faintest idea how to do it. i am running vista on both hardrives

can anyone point me in the right direction?

thanks mad1234

  Terry Brown 21:29 14 Jul 2011

As both Harddrives are running Vista, what is the purpose of a Duel boot system.

If you want to use it as a second master drive, you will need to format it as the BIOs and motherboard/ graphic drivers will be different and will cause a lot of problems (if it works at all)

If the resuced drive is an IDE drive (Wide grey cable), set it to Slave (jumpers at the back (where the plugs go), and it will usable as a data storage.

If it is a SATA drive, you will need to set the first drive to drive slot 1 and the rescued drive to drive slot 2.

You may also need to change the bios order.


  mad1234 07:56 15 Jul 2011

they both have different programs on them & i don't want to loose the emails i have on both of them for 2 different email accounts

  retep888™ 11:44 15 Jul 2011

Hey guys i had 2 pc's until a power surge blew 1 up

Have you tried & tested it with a new/working PSU?

want to put it in the other pc with a dual boot

Sometimes Vista will boot in a different machine with an identical motherboard or at least has the same/similar chipset, you can try but you may be asked to reactivate Vista within 3 days because of the radical hardware changes. If not,you'll normally either get BSOD (blue screen) or won't boot at all.

Repair Install For Vista click here to read.

Depends on your motherboard's bios, pressing F8 while booting up may bring up a Boot Menu which lets you choose which HDD to boot up with for one time,i.e. the default Boot HDD will be back to normal when starts up next time otherwise get EasyBCD from click here

Please make sure you've backed up everything from the rescued HDD before you do any repairs and disconnect the original HDD in the good machine first and plug it back on afterwards.

Actually more infos of both PCs' specs will help members to help you.

  gengiscant 12:00 15 Jul 2011

The programs can be installed on the working PC,and all the Emails can also be copied across.If you second hard-drive is an IDE drive then move the little jumper to the slave slot and then connect to your PC,there will be instuctions on the drive, if its a SATA drive just connect it then copy all you want across to your main C drive.

Or you could just put the drive in an external caddy and again copy everything you need. Make a note of what programs you want to use and download and install them on to the working PC.

When you are done you can format the drive and use it as a spare or backup.

  mad1234 12:32 15 Jul 2011

retep888 the HD is working fine in my other pc. they are both made by HP & it just plugged into the other pc without any hassle. i have looked at that easyBCD. is there a free version that you know of?

geniscant i know that you can copy your emails from 1 pc to another but the programmes i thought that you would have to install them into your other pc. it can't be that simple just to copy the files over. can it?

  gengiscant 14:31 15 Jul 2011

'mad1234' my post clearly stated not once but twice you will need to install your software again. You could of course copy any elements that have been saved to a particular program and then copy across to the newly installed software, image files,music files and the like.

EasyBCD free? For private/non-commercial use — it's totally, completely, and forever 100% free

  mad1234 14:56 15 Jul 2011

your point is well taken you did state to re-install the programmes but i don't think i have all the disks to re-install a lot of the software soi can't really do that. when i looked at EasyBCD it said it was $24.95 i will have a closer look at that

  gengiscant 15:31 15 Jul 2011

What software are you talking about? it should be possible to download it again.

  retep888™ 17:10 15 Jul 2011

Quote: EasyBCD is free for all private, non-commercial use. For non-private/commercial/for-profit use, please purchase a license from our online store.

Quote: EasyBCD is used and/or recommended by Microsoft, PC-World, PC-Magazine, Softpedia, PC-Welt, Activision, and hundreds more! Don't get left out – download it today, it's free!!

More infos about EasyBCD click here

I can see the other HDD works in your good HP pc,the first step is to see if you have a Boot Menu by pressing F8 while booting up,if not you can go into bios then manually configure the HDD boot order.

Second step will be using EasyBCD to configure the bootloader with both HDDs plugged in,please back up your original bootloader settings and all datas on both HDDs before any configuration. Best of all ,use HDD backup tool such as an Image Maker to make an image of your HDDs.

Finally,assuming you're using 2 SATA drives, you can do as I suggested in this thread click here

  mad1234 20:23 15 Jul 2011

thanks for your help retep888. i will give all your advice a try as soon as i get a chance

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