Dtuck halfway through XP repair-HELP!!

  buel 16:25 16 Oct 2010

Hi, i was about half way through repairing a desktop PC using an XP disk when i got to a message saying:
Files Needed:
The file 'viaudious.sys' on VIA AC'97 Audio WDM Driver Disk is needed.
Type the path where the file is located, and then click on ok

Copy files from:
C/Documents and settings/owner/desktop/g71-21omo070(f)sound/via/standard/wdm

and now my mouse has stopped working so i cant move the cursor to click ok (when the mouse was working i clicked on 'ok' but nothing would happen)

Please help? Am i correct in thinking that if i restarted now the PC would be corrupt?

  buel 16:34 16 Oct 2010

Ps- My thread was supposed to read 'Stuck', not 'Dtuck'!

  buel 16:52 16 Oct 2010

UPDATE- i pressed Escape and it continued!! Phew!

  gengiscant 17:02 16 Oct 2010

I gave up on repair installs a while ago, they seem to through up more problems than they resolve. I'm for a clean install every time. as long as you are fully prepared a couple of hours sees it done.
I am upgrading my Mobo on Monday which will mean a reinstall of Windows,all progs and latest drivers are sitting on a spare HDD awaiting the Mobo. Bit of a pain as only reinstalled yesterday thinking that it would solve a variety of problems I have been having. Turned out it was the Mobo failing. Ho Hum.

  buel 17:40 16 Oct 2010

What id like to know, though, is why would i be getting these error codes whilst using the XP CD?

  gengiscant 19:32 16 Oct 2010

A good question,I have seen similar on many occasions. Usually a clean of the disk sorts it out. But a mystery nonetheless,and why I no longer bother with repair reinstalls.

  jimv7 19:40 16 Oct 2010

Your getting the error messages because windows has not got the drivers required to repair installed items.

Doing a clean install you would not get these messages, but would have to install drivers for the sound/graphics etc.

  buel 14:20 17 Oct 2010

Hi, PLEEEASE can you help?
Im trying to install the drivers to get audio on this pc and i get this:
Files Needed:
The file 'viaudious.sys' on VIA AC'97 Audio WDM Driver Disk is needed.
Type the path where the file is located, and then click on ok

I think i have downloaded the drivers but when i try to update the drivers via device manager and browse for the drivers where i have saved them it doesn't 'see' them?

  gengiscant 14:30 17 Oct 2010

Do you not have your motherboard disk if not,go to the motherboard website and download them from there.
Or this might do.click here

  buel 14:53 17 Oct 2010

Hi and thank you!! I have downloaded it on to my desktop but when i try to update the driver via Device manager it just doesn't see anything in the folder, it already has the name 'viaudios.sys' in the 'file name'!
Any help please?

  buel 14:56 17 Oct 2010

Oh and when i try to use the SETUP.EXE in the downloaded file i get the message
'Install shield
1607 Unable to install Installshield Scripting runtime'

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