€ as in €dstow

  Wak 20:46 28 Feb 2003

Hi €d, I posted this in an earlier thread but thought it worth bringing to the top.

I tried to thank you today for the Spywareblaster update but couldn't find my € sign. All I could get was a little square.
However, I've just discovered that if you go to Tools/ Internet Options/ General tab/ Fonts button (at the bottom), there are four alternative fonts offered for plain text, and I assume that these replies to forums are all written in plain text

Courier New and Lucida Console will allow the € sign whereas the Letter Gothic and OCR A Extended will change it to a little square.

So possibly the new version of Opera that someone gave you was set to a different font without you realising it???


  €dstow 07:56 01 Mar 2003

Thanks for that.

The thing was that I could get the € in the new Opera by changing the language/text encoding but it didn't want to retain the new setting as default. I also noticed that there was no choice of English in the language settings i.e. in Opera 6.05 there is a choice of US English and UK English. In the new version it is just English. I'm not certain what the actual problem is but I will keep to this 6.05 version on this machine although I will retain the new version on the others.

Note: I'm not normally here at weekends. I've dropped in to wait for some courier deliveries of films from my recent USA trip.


  Goldcroft 08:20 01 Mar 2003

Is there a way of storing euro sign on a key. I would like in place, say, of the ^ symbol which I never use, then we would have the £ $ and euro more or less together?

  Wak 08:54 01 Mar 2003

Hi, Haven't you got the € sign on the 4 key on your keyboard???
If you have, use Ctrl + Alt + 4 to produce it.
If you haven't then treat your self to a new keyboard for Xmas. (Or start dropping large hints to the relatives)
I don't know of any way to exchange keys as you suggest but it's worth looking in to.
That's a new project for the weekend.

  Goldcroft 16:37 02 Mar 2003

Thanks WAK. Unbelievably I did not notice it on the 4 key!!! €€€€€€€€€€€€€. But bearing in mind that we need the € and the $ and the £ most of the time, and I cannot remember ever using the ^ key, would be happy to hear from you if you find out how to substitute the € for the ^ key!

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