dso exploit - am I going nuts??

  SANAP 09:47 06 Jul 2004

I have a new PC and over the last few days I have been racking my brains on how I make it fairly secure from all things unwanted. So I have avg, norton, zone alarm pro and of course Spybot. I just ran spbot and lo and behold came across this thing called DSO exploit. Apparently this was around in 2002 and has not been fixed by MS yet!!

The explantions are so diverse I have paused and wonder does it really matter as long as I do not use IE.?

Here is the link
click here

by the way how do I put it that clever link thingy?


  SANAP 09:49 06 Jul 2004

well at least I know how to put that clever link thingy in now!!! It is automatic.


  Bagsey 12:56 06 Jul 2004

Good link that. Thanks for it. I have tried to fingd that for about a week now. Cheers

  georgemac 13:20 06 Jul 2004

have downloaded the app and will try it. Cannot remeber if it is spybot that always finds the dos exploit and cannot fix it.

  [email protected] 13:53 06 Jul 2004

try this,run spybot,when its finnished and the results are displayed you will notice the blue 3D cubes on the right of the results page,doing this one at a time
1. double click the cube,this will take you to the registry
2. on entry to the registry you will have a file high lighted
3. remove that entry (ONLY THE HIGH-LIGHTED ENTRY)
4. return to spybot results and repeat

once youve addressed all cubes individually run spybot again.hope thois helps

  GroupFC 14:05 06 Jul 2004


  Bagsey 16:33 06 Jul 2004


  rawprawn 16:44 06 Jul 2004

I saw a statement the other day relating to this from Spybot, I f I remember correctly it is a bug in the Spybot system and does no harm. They said that it would be fixed in the next update. I'm sorry I can't find the link again but here is part of it ----The problem with the DSO Exploit is a little bug. We have already been
the last update. It will hopefully be with the next one.
The DSO Exploit is a security gap in IE. Microsoft did already repair
this, so if you have all Windows updates and patches installed, it will
not be dangerous for your system.
Spybot S&D will still find it, because it contains an invalid value.
Spybot S&D just has to reset that value. Unfortunately, in the current
version, it sets again an incorrect value, so it is found in the next
scan. As explained before, we corrected this but have not commited the
update yet.

Best regards,
Your Team Spybot

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