DSL Modem recommendations please

  FatboySlim71 08:20 02 Mar 2007

I am running Windows XP Pro service pack 2. I have AOL Broadband Gold, at present I am using the BT Voyager 105 USB ADSL modem that came when I first got broadband from AOL.

I have heard that you can purchase internal/PCI ADSL modems, I was wanting a bit of advice on these, i.e are they faster/more reliable than the USB types and also any other relevant information about them. I understand that the speed of my broadband is determined by the broadband package that I subscribe to, but can they sometimes be a speed increase by using a different type/brand of modem to another. Why I ask this is, that there is times when I go to a web site (it isnt just one particular one) sometimes there is a few seconds delay from me entering the web address and clicking on go, until something actually happens and during this time the DATA light does not light up on my modem, I thought that may be some modems process information faster than others, as is the case with PC's.

The reason I am wanting to go with an internal one is that I am limited for space on my desk and the modem and the wires from it are a bit of a nuisance and basically I could do with that bit of extra desk space, and also if I could indeed have a faster operating modem than my present one then that would be a bonus, I suppose I could put up with the desk space issue with another USB type if these are the better of the two types.

  Dipso 08:32 02 Mar 2007

Internal ADSL modems are few and far between now.

I really would consider a router, even if you only have the one PC. They don't take up any more space than a modem. Routers connect via the network or ethernet port on your PC (if you have one) and as ethernet is made for networking unlike USB you get a more reliable connection and there are no drivers to install etc. It's practically plug and play.

This B-grade one would do you fine click here I got one from then and it's excellent, like new.

  FatboySlim71 08:42 02 Mar 2007

Thanks Dipso for the help, I had wondered about Ethernet in the past but I wasnt sure what it was, if I were to purchase a router that connected to my pc via an ethernet port, would I still have as fast or faster internet access and also would I still have the same download speeds, at present with my broadband package I always get around 235kbs download speed, would this decrease/increase if I were to go down the router/ethernet connection route. One last thing, how can I find out if I have an ethernet port on my pc and also would you say that a router/ethernet would work with AOL. Thanks in advance

  FatboySlim71 09:02 02 Mar 2007

I have went into the device manager and in the NETWORK ADAPTERS section is an item called BROADCOM NETLINK (TM) GIGABIT ETHERNET (at present this is disabled because if I enable it it shows up in the taskbar that a network cable is unplugged) So does it appear that I have a ethernet port on my pc ?

  rdave13 09:20 02 Mar 2007

I'm on AOL silver and use the netgear dg834gv3 router supported by AOL. Info here click here . Can't get further on that page as I'm not logged on to AOL at the moment. See here if you have an ethernet port click here and scroll down.

  FatboySlim71 10:42 02 Mar 2007

I was thinking of purchasing this one, does anyone have any opinions on it. click here

Also this modem router has a SPI True Firewall, would I have any use for my software firewall if I got this modem router with it having an SPI True Firewall.

  rdave13 11:10 02 Mar 2007

The same one here, click here at £58.99 plus p&p. Also you can download the easy install if you wish. I still use a software firewall aswell as the netgear's hardware one.

  FatboySlim71 11:12 02 Mar 2007

Thanks Rdave13 for the advice its much appriciated.

  Dipso 12:44 02 Mar 2007

Amazon are also doing a good deal on the DG834G click here for £50.40 delivered. amazingly they also sell the same router bundled with a USB adapter for £54.88 click here. If you prefer the high street PC World do the package for £69.99 item no. 257700, but you have to reserve on-line and collect at store, obviously not as good value as the Amazon deal.

I didn't recommend this one as I had problems with it after upgrading to 8 Meg but it will probably be fine for you and it is supported by AOL.

  Dipso 12:48 02 Mar 2007

There's no reason you can't run the software firewall along side the router. The router firewall will probably only block incoming not outgoing connections so it's advisable to use both.

If definitley looks like you have ethernet on your PC.

  FatboySlim71 23:43 02 Mar 2007

Thank you all very much for the help it really has been much appriciated.

I decided to purchase the Netgear DG834G V3 from Argos.

Installation was very easy with me using Rdave13 link for the easy install, thanks alot for that Rdave13 without this the installion I fear would not have been so easy.

First impressions of the modem are good, I have noticed a slight increase in the speed at which the modem processes data and loads the web pages up over my old modem, and also from when I click on the AOL icon to me been connected is a hell of a lot quicker than before when I used to connect with my USB modem and also there could be times when I could not get connected with my old ADSL USB modem and I would then have to try may be 5 times to get connected, but with the new modem I get connected everytime first time.

One last thing, the modem is supposed to have an SPI True Firewall but there was very little documentation with the modem, and I cannot find any mention of how to enable or disable the SPI True Firewall.

Thank you all very much again for the help it has been much appreciated.

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