DSL light keeps flashing

  Bruz 12:05 03 Sep 2008

I have asked a question about this before.
I was told by Pipex that there was outages on DSL exchanges in Sheffield and that was why I could not get sync with our BB connection.
They now say that there is no problem.
I phoned BT they have checked the line and they say the line is OK and that I should contact pipex again!
Any one else had a similar problem or can offer any advice that might resolve the problem.


  ambra4 12:18 03 Sep 2008

Power off the modem wait 10 sec and power it back on

and see if it will connect with the modem in the exchange

  Bruz 12:27 03 Sep 2008

Thanks ambra4 for the input but I have done every thing possible to reconnect this router and if I had £1.00 for each time I have reset it I would be very rich indeed.
I have reset it to the manufacturers settings and it still will not connect. It went off all on its own on Monday and all attempts to reconnect have failed since.
Cheers Bruz

  ambra4 12:50 03 Sep 2008

Request from Pipex that they reset your broadband service as modem will not connect

If that still not working request a new modem/router as it could a bad unit

  baldydave 13:06 03 Sep 2008

could be a faulty filter or have you connected a new phone / sky box in telephone socket without filter?
disconnect all telephone cables and sky telephone cable leaving broadband connection only.Is the router light constant? If so connect cables back one by one until router flashes - you have now found the problem.
Have you tried a direct connection to bt master socket,take off front panel held by 2 screws you will see a telephone socket in here connect to that has this cured your problem.

  Bruz 13:42 03 Sep 2008

Thanks to both of you I will try contacting pipex and see what they say but knowing the trouble we have had with them before when trying to get them to do a simple thing I do not hold out much hope, baldydave I have already had the main socket to bits and plugged a filter into it, sadly all to no avail. I have also tried three new filters again to no avail.
I am off to try another set of options, no doubt I will post again tonight.
Thanks again to both of you for your help.

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