DSL G604T & TalkTalk

  VideoSentry 19:41 02 Oct 2006

I have recently moved from AOL to talk talk,on the main PC everything works fine ( off the router part ) but the remote PC which was working quite happily on a wireless link from the DSL 604T, until AOL turned our E mail adresses off, now does not!
It shows as connec ted ( both on the network connections and the D Link icons in the toolbar )
I have deleted ALL thing AOL and repaired the network but nothing seems to connect.
I did have parental controls in place.
Any advice as to what I have missed.

  ade.h 21:21 02 Oct 2006

As you were using a router, you should not have had anything AOL on any of the clients. Moving to another ISP does not in itself cause any risk of problems, but if you had AOL software - which I am not familiar with, I'm happy to say - its removal *could* have had some negative effect on that particular client.

  VideoSentry 21:38 02 Oct 2006

I assume ( and forgive my ignorance ) the "clients" being any PC connected to the Wireless bit?

  ade.h 21:47 02 Oct 2006

A client is a PC that belongs to a hosted network, regardless of its connection method. The host could be a router, switch, AP, server, or even another PC that is acting as a gateway.
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  VideoSentry 11:17 05 Oct 2006

Lets try again...Anyone

  VideoSentry 08:47 09 Oct 2006

Its your last chance to help a ol fogey ( this one at least ) and make some kids very happy!!

  Danoh 09:50 09 Oct 2006

The best thing is to start again, but without any AOL software installed (go to Add/Remvoe Programs).

Presumably you have some instructions/installation-CD from Talk-Talk to have got your main PC (wired to router) working?

Are you familiar with setting up a wireless network? If so, duplicate the wireless settings on each wirelessly connected computer (clients) using the Wireless Networking function within Windows XP.

  VideoSentry 12:23 09 Oct 2006

Danoh, I have removed all traces of AOL software and Yes the main PC is happily working from the router ( wired ) its just the remote PC ( wireless ) that won't connect properly.

  Taff™ 14:50 09 Oct 2006

Do you have an icon in the taskbar that tells you if the wireless adapter is working? (It looks like a monitor with three beams coming out of the right hand side) Which wireless adapter are you using?

  VideoSentry 17:04 09 Oct 2006

I am using a DSL G604T and it is working fine.

  Danoh 21:54 09 Oct 2006

The DSL G604T is a router rather then a wireless adapter in your "remote" pc/laptop.

By your answer, I can only presume your "remote" pc has some sort of wireless hardware which enabled it to connect to your router under AOL software setup?
Newer laptops tend to have wireless hardware built in but not desktop PCs, hence Taff™'s Q.

You don't say, so I'll have to assume a few things;
If you are running Windows XP on your "remote" pc/laptop, you can use that to setup your wireless connection.
Its been described several times in several postings in this fourm ~ have a look.

Its something like;

Start> Control Panel> Network Connections>
Click on the "Wireless Network Connection" icon.

Under "Network Tasks" on the left hand panel, click "Change settings of this connection" (OR, right mouse click on the Wireless Network Connection" icon and select properties).

Click on the "Wireless Networks" Tab.
Click "Add", select and fill in the drop-fown/blank fields to reflect EXACTLY what you have setup on your router, whilst wired up via Ethernet.

== Good luck & let us know how you got on ==

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