dsl + extension = ?

  L plate marky 17:29 14 Feb 2004

The dsl cable supplied with AOL bb isn't long enough if I plug the filter into the wall socket. Can I plug the filter into the end of the phone line extension I currently use on dial up? Or do I need to purchase a longer dsl cable?


  anon1 17:49 14 Feb 2004

any extension should do it but keep it as short as possible

  *Gary* 17:55 14 Feb 2004

Yes, you can use the telephone extension which you use for dial up. I have the same problem because my PC is upstairs and the telephone socket is downstairs.

Downstairs I have a 'Socket Doubler' in the telephone socket which has two sockets.

In the right side I have got a filter plugged in and then my telephone plugged into that.

In the left side of the doubler I have got my extension cable plugged in and on the end of the extension cable I have got another filter which the dsl modem plugs into. Everything works fine like that!

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