DSL connection Problems - ADVICE PLEASE

  rolo28 11:16 03 May 2009


My ISP is AOL and I got a new Thompson Speedtouch wireless modem/router. When I set it up via ethernet I cannot get a full DSL connection (green light flashing). I have checked all the filters and cables, they all seem ok. Note I can still connect using my old BT Voyager modem and get a full dsl green light on, with no loss of signal (am currently using it)

I contacted AOL who went through all cable connection possible problems and conducted a line test, which seems ok. I also connected to BT and conducted the silent test, all ok.

I then plugged the filter in to the BT test socket (behind faceplate of BT masterline) and got a full dsl connection to my speedtouch. I also noted that my sky tv lines are connected direct to the BT mastersocket. Is this the likely problem??. If it is, why can I still get a dsl connection using my BT Voyager modem?

Is it pointless ringing AOL again as the line seems ok, and should I just get a telephone engineer to sort out the wiring to sky.

Hope all this makes sense, I just knew my attempt to go wirelss would all go wrong!!!


  Audio~~Chip 12:13 03 May 2009

where you connect the Thompson ADSL cable to your phone socket is this a fixed box on the wall or a ext?

You can have a loose connection in the phone box or cable. Any type of temp run out tel ext cable is poor and will cause problems.

You USB BT Voyager is not the same as a Router.

can you explain how you Thompson Speedtouch connects to the phone line in your house.

  rolo28 12:43 03 May 2009


The Thompson is connected to a working filter, with phone, then filter is plugged into main fixed box on the wall. My computer is right beside the phone point. When I unscrewed the main fixed box I noted my sky tv phone line is linked direct to the main box connection (i don't know what the wires are, it looks like two extensions wired in?).

However is it not strange that the USB BT Voyager modem I am using now can still get a full dsl signal?.

Hope this helps. Many Thanks

  rolo28 13:47 03 May 2009

Sorry should have said one extension wired into main phone point box. I think this is the cable that runs to my sky tv phone point. Cheers, Johnny

  Audio~~Chip 14:35 03 May 2009

into a ext then the ext connects to the phone socket these can be hit & miss with Routers. The wires inside are very thin and the adapters are very poor inside.

I suspect your Router is not configured correct for the Username & password, I know its hard speaking with AOL support but I think I would do that again.

Can I ask how much you pay AOL, I have an idea

  Audio~~Chip 14:36 03 May 2009

if you wish

  rolo28 15:23 03 May 2009

I don't think the user configuration is the issue, as I get a full dsl connection with the Speedtouch when connecting direct to the BT test input.
Is the dsl signal the same for a standard modem and modem/router?. I am in contract with AOL £14.99 p/m.

  Audio~~Chip 18:53 03 May 2009

you said it, the Voyager if connected via USB does not give a true reading like a Router so its not the same signal thats if its the USB Voyager.

You do have to uninstall the BT Voyager before using the Thompson. to any BT Voyager drivers installed need to be removed.

will post again in about a hour

  Audio~~Chip 20:32 03 May 2009

have you uninstalled the Voyager software?

  Audio~~Chip 20:33 03 May 2009

I take it your on WinXP, Vista or Windows 7 ?

  rolo28 20:53 03 May 2009


If I uninstall voyager software and still cannot get dsl signal with Thomson I will not be able to access Internet, so will be a tad stuck..... Could I connect thomson direct to BT test point, as full dsl is obtained that way?. Obviously I would then disconnect modem. Thompson via ethernet for time being. Am on XP

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