Dsl connection problems

  benbeculapcs 10:02 15 Feb 2007

Hi, firstly, just found this forum a few days ago, wish I had done sooner, very helpful users and valuable information.
My problem is, I run a small business where I live, and was recently called out to a customer having Broadband installation problems.
I'll give some background first.
We live on an island, Bt seem to have forgotten that we exist! although nearer the main exchange you can get upwards to 8mb, further from the exchange there are many connection problems.
I myself have 512k dsl aswell as a 1mb wireless sdsl connection. Now my customer lives nearer the exchange than I do and someone nearby him has sucessfully got dsl.
The customer has 3 sockets in the house, master and 2 extensions, all 3 sockets have filters.
I have installed the sagem modem provided by tiscali, and also tryed a bt voyager modem(I have found that they work best at the end of the limits when other modems dont)
I can get no signal on either modem. I contacted Tiscali technical help on behalf of my customer and they went through the usual check list which I had already covered, they then proceeded to test the line. They have come back and said that the line is fine.
Now I am thinking that there may be 2 possibilities here thats caussing the modems not to get a signal, and was hoping for opinions of some of the users on the forum.
1st theory is that there is a line fault, as I understand it when an Isp/phone company does a line test they only do the test one way.
2nd theory is that the internal wiring is causing a problem as it is old.
I have checked the wiring and correctly wired one of the extensions as the customer had wired it wrongly. The internal wiring problem could be from the master socket outwards.
Any opinions or help would be appreciated, and apologies for such a long winded post.

  bennyhillslovechild 11:04 15 Feb 2007

I don't know if it any help, but most master sockets contain a "test" socket. If you unscrew the faceplate, you will find this socket inside. This is connected directly to the BT line, and doesn't touch the internal wiring as it were. If you can get a signal on this socket, you will know the problem lies with the wiring.

see here for details: click here

  benbeculapcs 11:09 15 Feb 2007

Thanks for your reply, this is where I think the internal wiring problem may lie, the master socket is that old is doesnt have a test socket behind the face plate.

  bennyhillslovechild 11:17 15 Feb 2007

If neither modem is not even showing a 'sync' light for a adsl signal, I would get back in touch with Tiscalli and explain that situation. There's tests they can do to determine if a modem is connected. (i had a similar trouble with a plusnet account, also at the far end of exchange) You may have to disable the router's firewall to allow this. If that then shows problems, they pass it on to BT normally. (it's best if they do this, rather than you contact BT direct) Of course first they'll ask you to run all the ususal tests again, like uplugging all other telephony equipment, testing different filters, trying another modem (which you have) ensuring it's plugged into the master socket etc etc. TEHN they'll conduct some more conclusive line tests.

  benbeculapcs 11:30 15 Feb 2007

I'll contact tiscali again to get them to try this test, like u say neither modem is showing a sync light for the dsl signal. I think personally an engineers visit will be the only way to resolve this problem, which they did say last night after the line test would be the next step.
Infact thinking about it I've had to leave the modem installed and the pc on all night for them to run further tests, I assume now this is the test you mention determining if the modem is connected.
Thanks for your help oin this matter ;)

  benbeculapcs 17:45 15 Feb 2007

Bt engineer coming on the 20th, will post the outcome

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