Dry ink cartridges

  Terry Brown 14:58 31 Dec 2010

I have some ink cartridges (hp56) that have been left standing for a long while, and although there is ink in them the ink outlet is blocked (dry ink ?).

Can you suggest a fluid I can use to soften the dry ink to allow the cartridges to work normally.

I though of using something like petrol,(about 3mm in a shalow dish. Opinions please.


  mgmcc 15:25 31 Dec 2010

You certainly don't want to use petrol! Apart from the danger, it could react with the plastic cartridges or the ink itself.

Try a small amount of alcohol such as methyl alcohol (meths), iso-propyl alcohol (used to be used for cleaning 'tape' heads), aftershave? etc.

  Poitier 15:26 31 Dec 2010

Petrol would be hazardous and should not be used for this purpose,it might attack the plastic any way. Use either the cleaning fluid that comes with refill packs or water.If they have not been used for a long time your chances of sucess are not good.

  rawprawn 17:44 31 Dec 2010

Try warm water, it worked for me.

  spuds 17:46 31 Dec 2010

Stick them in a good solid plastic bag, seal it, then drop them in warm water, and see if that works.

  961 18:17 31 Dec 2010

Saliva on kitchen towel is good

However, once cartridges have been opened from their sealed packets and left for more than about 9 months you may be struggling to get them working

  uk-wizard 18:46 31 Dec 2010

Place about 4 layers of paper towel on a saucer dampen with plain water and stand the cartridge on the damp paper, leave overnight, if the paper is showing a coloured spot then you are winning!

  Terry Brown 12:19 01 Jan 2011

Glad I asked, I shall give these a try (starting with the water and see how it goes.

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