Drowned Keyboard

  LeadingMNMs 17:25 11 Feb 2004

Stupidly i've managed to get some water onto my laptop keyboard. I've removed all the water i could and left it upside down to dry. However although pressing keys results in a charcters being typed, they do not resemble the key pressed.

The rest of the laptop seems to work ok, using an external keyboard (although it defeats the purpose of a laptop). Does anyone have any suggestions that may save the keyboard. The laptop is made by Sony.

Otherwise it'll be off to eBay to find a replacement.


  woody 17:49 11 Feb 2004

is it a diff character set?
can you change the set?

  johnnyrocker 17:50 11 Feb 2004

sounds like your keyboard is trackin across the printed circuit below keys needs a good clean out but i suspect it may be too late by now.


  Djohn 17:53 11 Feb 2004

Use a Hairdryer on the keyboard, then leave in a warm place, [Airing cupboard] for a further 24hours ans it may be OK to use then. Don't keep trying it while there is still moisture in there. j.

  LeadingMNMs 17:54 11 Feb 2004

Is definately a keyboard problem with the circuit board. If I type an 'l' I get '/963.,' as well as IE going to full screen view. I think I've trashed it but was hoping someone maybe knew of a way to clean and repair the board (simply).

I recieved the laptop with a broken keyboard (coke that time) and was able to find a replacement keyboard on eBay. Now I've been stupid enough to get water on the new one I was hoping I could repair it, since I was lucky to get a replacement for £25 but they often sell for about £80.

  xania 17:54 11 Feb 2004

With most laptops, you can detach them and replace the keyboard. Not quite as expensive as a total replacement. Check the Sony web-site and check with their technical support.

  LeadingMNMs 17:55 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for the comments, I really hope they work

  LeadingMNMs 17:58 11 Feb 2004

When it was first broken I was told that it would have to go back to Sony just to replace the keyboard. No doubt they would charge a fortune and take ages to fix it. Thats if they even accepted it back.

Its currently sitting in the airing cupboard as I type (on the external keyboard).

  Diemmess 18:14 11 Feb 2004

Moisture alone won't necessarily destroy the keyboard.

The BUT and it is very big but, that with voltages available when you try it there will be two destructive perils......... Electrolysis which can see off a fine conductor p.d.q. and the application of a destructive voltage to a sensitive part that should always be at 0-volts, by a short circuit.

So with brilliant hindsight the first thing would be to isolate the keyboard from the battery, and then only - dry it - and very much last of all - try it.

Best of luck!

  Mysticnas 18:28 11 Feb 2004


  LeadingMNMs 16:02 12 Feb 2004

Thanks Djohn. Its just come out of the airing cupboard and seems to be working fine, although some of the keys are a little stiff (though I'm sure this will clear up in time).

Also a thank you to the rest of you for your comments.

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