dropping the internet connection

  Fred the flour grader 18:17 10 Apr 2004

Hi guys, been having this problem for a few weeks, and it is now starting to annoy me. After a short time my internet connection just cuts.
When I try to re-connect I get a message Saying:

The Modem is in use or not connected. If I try again I get a BLUE screen and a Fatal exception has occured at......loads of numbers and WIN 95AC.VXD.
I done a file search on this and it is a Modem file in C:\OEMDRV\Modem.
When I look for this in Explorer I cant find it.

I've been using Telewest Blueyonder Dial-up for over three years and I have never had this trouble before.
The PC is running Win98 2nd edition, Pentium 3 450MGHZ processor and 320Mb RAM.
Any help much appreciated....Thanks Fred.

  Djohn 19:38 10 Apr 2004


  Fred the flour grader 20:48 10 Apr 2004


  Wilham 21:28 10 Apr 2004

If the trouble began in the spell of very wet weather it may help to ask BT for a line check.

I believe it's free.

  Fred the flour grader 21:31 10 Apr 2004

sorry I am not with BT, I am on Telewest Cable (blueyonder Dial-up), I went onto them about four years ago and compared to BT,this is just a little annoyance.....BT are C*%^, in my humble opinion.

  Fred the flour grader 20:53 11 Apr 2004

bump it up

  Cesar 10:05 13 Apr 2004

You might be interested in this, click here

  Graham ® 10:48 13 Apr 2004

Fred, disconnections are often caused by a noisy line. Pick up the phone and press a number to break dial tone. Listen for any humming or crackles.

If you have the modem driver CD, delete it in Device Manager and re-boot. Windows should detect it and you can re-instal.

  Fred the flour grader 11:01 13 Apr 2004

It is a really weird problem, sometimes it won't happen if im on-line for two hours, at other times it will go after ten minutes.
Not sure if I have the modem driver on CD, I bought the pc at Dixons (it's Advent3031) in 98/99.
Will have a look at the package of discs that came with it and see if anything on there.

Once again thanks for your suggestions....Fred.

  Graham ® 11:14 13 Apr 2004

If no Cd, use click here to identify your modem. Then we should be able to locate a driver for it.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:18 13 Apr 2004

Is it an internal modem? it may be overheating if its a HAM modem and a few years old.


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