Dropped laptop, now no wireless connection

  Conny 00:40 16 Jan 2011

I knocked my laptop off the chair and have now lost my wireless connection. It will connect via a ethernet lead. Does this mean I may have dislodged a card inside?
Thanks in advance.

  mooly 08:23 16 Jan 2011

It could be anything tbh, something dislodged/disconnected or worse... a crack in one of the circuit boards etc.

Just make sure that you didn't grab the laptop and switch off the wireless by mistake. Look in device manager and see if anything has a yellow triangle against it.

  onthelimit 09:39 16 Jan 2011

On some laptops it's a simple matter to find the wireless card under a panel on the underside to check if the antenna lead(s) come off. On others, it's a major strip.

  Ian in Northampton 10:19 16 Jan 2011

Like Mooly said - check first that you haven't accidentally pressed your wireless on/off button.

  Conny 10:26 16 Jan 2011

Its a Dell Inspiron 1545. I can't find any slide sswitches on the outside. On the underside is a small rectangular board inset into the main back cover, is there likely to be something under here I can safely access? I've only had it about 2 months so would this be covered by the guaranttee? I didn't take out any extra insurance.

  johndrew 10:32 16 Jan 2011

Dropping a laptop often leads to HDD failure as well. I suggest you backup all important data to cover that eventuality.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:56 16 Jan 2011

Fn + F2 to switch wireless off and on.

  Conny 11:45 16 Jan 2011

Fruitbat. Why oh why didn't you post earlier? LOL!
Just been back to the shop with it and the guy did just that! So relieved. As he said, good PC's but lacking in instructions unless you go to the website.
Thanks for all the replies guys, not let me down yet!
Special thanks to Fruitbat but wish you'd posted an hour ago! LOL!

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