Dropped internet connections and warm weather

  Halmer 11:32 02 Jul 2009

Whenever we get a spell of warm weather my internet connection drops intermittently. It happened a lot last year (we only had two warm days here in the Midlands last year) so I am fairly confident that it is not a coincidence. I'm with Pipex (Tiscali).

It's dropped four or five times this morning.

Anyone else experience this and is there a fix please?

  OTT_Buzzard 12:39 02 Jul 2009

I've not experienced it myself, but it may be that your router is overheating due to the high ambient temperatures. If possible try relocating it to a cooler area or find a way to get more airflow over it. e.g. put a desk fan pointing at the router for a few hours to see if it makes a difference.

Also try having your router admin page open for a while. When the internet connection drops out, check to see if you PC is still connected to the router (i.e. find out where the drop out is ocurring - PC to router or router to internet). I don;t know what router you have, but there may also be diagnostic tools on it to look at.

  cocteau48 13:00 02 Jul 2009

Started yesterday afternoon when one particular site (met office would you believe) would not load completely. By tea time I was getting "cannot find website" on most sites.

All the lights on the TalkTalk Echolife were on and the syncspeed was showing normal at 5MB.

The wireless connection to the lappy then started to drop out.

Suspected the modem may be overheating and swapped back to my old Belkin which restored everything to normal so I think OTT_Buzzard's theory is probably spot on.

  I am Spartacus 13:28 02 Jul 2009

I've been having a similar problem and have tried a new router but the intermittent drop outs persist. Ambient temps around 20º-26ºC when it happens.

In discussion with my ISP at the moment to try and resolve, so far got nowhere.

  Halmer 21:39 02 Jul 2009

For some reason I lost all my router settings eventually and had to restore them.

Thankfully I'd backed them up but Pipex have now changed my password and I'm back on line.


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