dropped hard drive

  jen_eclaire 11:21 11 Nov 2007

The dropping scenario: whilst playing music straight off my external hard drive i tripped over the wire and it fell from the coffee table to the floor. Quite a small, clean fall. WMP became unhappy as it couldn't find it's songs anymore but the drive still appeared to be plugged in and working. So i removed it safely and restarted everything.

Post dropping: Upon restarting the drive appeared fine. I could get into everything and even played a few songs. But then it crashed - crashed the whole pc and needed another restart. I did this a few times and managed to copy over and save a small amount of data this way. After doing this a few times though it started making loud clicking noises about every 20 seconds. Then it was making these loud clicking noises 5 or 6 times whenever i turned it on. After that the drive just makes small clicks that sound normal like the clicks it used to make when first starting up, but it does it over and over indefinitly and the computer will not recognise it at all. If i plug it all in before turning the computer on the computer won't even start up properly and just seems to sit in limbo.

It's a new drive so it'll be in warranty so i could at least get a new drive but is there any chance of getting my data back(without paying a data recovery company)? Bearing in mind i probably don't want to invalidate my warranty either.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:26 11 Nov 2007

I think that hoofing over the lead and bashing the drive on the floor may have already invalidated your 'warranty'.


  jen_eclaire 11:28 11 Nov 2007

well i was banking on the fact i could leave out that part and just tell them it stopped working.

  johndrew 11:29 11 Nov 2007

I`m not certain the warranty covers `accidental damage` and I doubt if there is a great deal you can do to recover the data yourself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:37 11 Nov 2007

Personally I would take a hit on the 350 or so the disk cost, open the box and check all the cables to make sure that they are all firmly attached. retrieving the data from a commercial firm will bankrupt you.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:38 11 Nov 2007

That'll be £50.


  jen_eclaire 11:42 11 Nov 2007

so given my scenaro, what are the chances i can fix it by getting inside it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 11 Nov 2007

You need to balance how important the info is and if it is worth £50.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:45 11 Nov 2007

...and you have two chances, no hope and Bob Hope.;-)


  jimmybond 11:48 11 Nov 2007

get inside the drive and fix it yourself - hehe that's a good one ;-)

  jen_eclaire 12:01 11 Nov 2007

I'm right royally f****d aren't I? And £50 down too

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