Dropped Frames on Video Capture

  ediface 22:13 28 Feb 2004

When capturing video from my camcorder (not dv unfortunately)using Pinnacle Studio I keep getting dropped frames. I have set up a seperate partition on my hard drive to transfer the data to but this has only marginally improved the situation. Can anyone offer a solution?


  ediface 22:26 28 Feb 2004

Sorry - I meant to mention that I am running a 2.4 ghz PC with 512mb of RAM on Windows XP

  Chegs ® 22:47 28 Feb 2004

I tried Studio 8,it dropped 1000's of frames,I gave up and resorted to using MovieMaker2(the free M$ app)Only hassle with this app is it "takes over" the desktop,whereas other video apps can be minimised to taskbar.

  Audeal 23:43 28 Feb 2004

Did you capture card come with capture software? If so have you tried that. I have a Matrox G450 eTV capture card and it drops lots of frames if I use software not supplied by Martox, so try the software supplied.

Chegs ®: Most capture software including MS Movie maker 2 will not even recognize my card. I use Ulead VideoStudio 7 for my editing and find this will, on occasions, find my card and record what I want, but I do not trust it and do not use it.

  y_not 06:00 29 Feb 2004

The option is there to select the quality of the capture (Good, Better, Best & Custom).

With the setting to "Best" (25 fps) I have dropped 10500 frames in the last 12 minutes (I am transferring home videos right now!)

Once edited & authored the quality will still match that of the original tapes in spite of the dropped frames - it was pointed out to me on this forum that Studio 8 will often say there are dropped frames when in fact there aren't!

After capturing have you tried authoring and burning the file to DVD? You might find that there really isn't a problem.

  Roadgiant 08:28 29 Feb 2004

I am using Pinnacle DC10 capture card with Pinnacle Studio 8,and analogue camcorder. On the better quality setting (equivalant to VHS) I can capture 15min of video dropping 10 frames or less.
I have an Athlon 2400 with 512mb of ram and 120gb hard drive and have not even partioned my drive.

  MichelleC 08:37 29 Feb 2004

The usual cause of dropped frames is b/ground progs running. If all non-vitals (av, firewall, system restore etc) are off there's less likelihood of d f. It's also best to capture to 2nd partition, with main prog on system hd.

  MichelleC 08:40 29 Feb 2004

If you use EndItAll click here it'll close off most b/g progs. (Close All is best as it allows writing to drive before closing. Kill All will close without writing and data-loss can occur).

  ediface 12:17 29 Feb 2004

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have changed my settings and used Enditall to close programs running in background and hey presto I now have acceptable video!

Thanks once again.

  GroupFC 20:15 29 Feb 2004

For future reference!

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