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  Fastflys 16:45 10 Oct 2003

I use a company computer. OS is Windows 2000 Pro, browser IE6.

When filling in information such as email address, date of birth etc., typing the first letter or number opens a drop down window with full email address, date of birth information etc., already in. Clicking on this info transfers it into the blank box. A good idea as it saves me time.

However, my question is: How do I delete all my private details from these drop down windows and stop them activating in future?

I do not want my private information available to any other user of my computer.

  Jester2K II 16:49 10 Oct 2003

1) Try dropping the list highlighting the offending entry (but not clicking) and then hit delete button on the keyboard.

2) To completely clear them - open IE, Tools menu, Internet Options, Content tab, Autocomplete, Clear Forms button and Clear Passwords button.

  Fastflys 13:37 12 Oct 2003

Thanks for the info Jester2K II.

Our network administrators must have removed certain tabs as when I open Tools menu, Internet Options there are only two tabs ? General and Connections.

I guess I will have to try your No: 1 answer or contact our administrators.

Before I do I?d thought I would ask if there is another way to delete and shut off the autocomplete function?

  MAJ 13:52 12 Oct 2003

I have heard that some spyware can cause some of the tabs to go missing, Fastflys, so I did a quick search and came up with this click here If you think that it might not be your tech-guys who removed the tabs, then try running Adaware click here and Spybot click here to clear any spyware. There is also a suppose fix for the missing tabs here click here don't use that if it was your tech-guys who removed access to them though.

  Fastflys 14:15 12 Oct 2003

Thanks for info MAJ - interesting websites

I think our "Tech-guys" have removed access to these tabs and it's against company rules to download. So I guess I'm snookered.

My computer is being replaced soon and I wanted to remove all my personal details. I guess contacting our administrators is the only answer.

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