Drop-down Menu Selection in MS Word

  John3:16 15:48 25 Mar 2003


I've just received a form within a Word document which contains menu selctions for data entry.

This is similar to the Data Validation option within Excel.

I never knew that MS Word could deal with these 'drop-down menus' but it seems to.

My problem is that I need to know how this was created as I'd like to use this function elsewhere.

Any ideas?

(The person who sent it to me is not the person who created it)

  vaughan007 15:52 25 Mar 2003

Heres an idea.

Ask the person who sent it you who sent it to them. Get them to find out who sent it to them. Then get them to find out who sent it to them. And so on....until you get to the person who created it. Bingo.

Sorry, just my idea of a lame joke. But at least it will keep your post at the top of the board a bit longer.

  VoG™ 15:56 25 Mar 2003

click here Chapter 12 (but you'll need to read the preceding chapters to have a hope of understanding it).

  John3:16 16:08 25 Mar 2003

Wow - thanks for finding that so quickly.

Is this the only way of doing this? It's so simple to do this in Excel while it seems very long-winded in Word...

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