Drop-Box- who uses it?

  jack 10:03 20 Oct 2010

One of my flock has been having trouble in getting images into word documents which she sends as an E-mail.
Previously it worked- she uses Yahoo- webmail -now it does not- images do not carry over.
After much too and froing- it appears that at the the behest of the intended recipient- she uses 'DropBox'
I have read it up on Wikkie and could be a 'tripping point' here
What do you all think

  gengiscant 11:25 20 Oct 2010

I have been using Dropbox for some time now and I cannot fault it. The free version only gives you 2GB storage but for now thats enough. It also works on my ipod touch, theres an app, and compared to Windows live Mesh which is Microsoft's offering, which seems to take a while to sync even the smallest document,Dropbox is simple and it works.

A great program.

  jack 12:47 20 Oct 2010

Good to hear that- but the question - perhaps put more succinctly is
She- composes here missive in word with inserted images, she then imports that into the Yahoo web mail account to send.
Hither too it worked- now that her recipient insists she goes the 'Dropbox' route the images seem not to get through
What are your you thoughts on that ?

  gengiscant 13:18 20 Oct 2010

My apologies, I am still not sure what you are asking, but is it that when the document is saved with the images inserted in the Dropbox folder. the documents images do not show up on the recipients Dropbox folder.

I have just created a word doc inserted a couple of images then saved to my Dropbox folder, it has appeared in my better half's Dropbox folder and in my account on the Dropbox website. No problems with the images.

Is this what your flock member was trying to do?

  jack 15:59 20 Oct 2010

I gather this is indeed what she is trying to do.
So if you succeeded why has she not?
So far all this has been conducted by E-mail between she and me
Looks like a trip to ASDA on her part for those Dark Chocolate digestives - I may just have pay her a visit, ;-}

  jack 08:36 21 Oct 2010

My flock member came back with the text of the error message which is her problem- It is is fact nothing to do with 'Dropbox at all.
Why does one have to drag snippets of info out of folk- leading me round in circles.
So a new post coming up -Converting images problem

  Furkin 09:56 21 Oct 2010

I'm no expert & do not intend to be rude, but maybe Her system is fine,,,, and the recipient may have a problem !

  jack 10:24 21 Oct 2010

Well now apparently not.
The message appears before she gets to the send stage
From her latest blurb it is something Word cant handle[when it could before] when inserting pix

  Furkin 10:44 21 Oct 2010

oooops - sorry.
I though that the recipient had a problem opening what she sent, and instead of looking at his/her own set, just told her to use a different system.


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