Drives appear to have 'burnt out'?

  spras 11:40 06 Sep 2012

I needed to do some large data transfer between drives, usually I use a laptop and swap drives in an external case. This is quite slow for big transfers so I plugged them in to a desktop PC. It appears to have managed to burn out 3 drives.

They won't start on the desktop (won't appear in BIOS), plugged in to the external case two give an I/O error (VDS fails to write boot code on a disk during clean operation. Error code: [email protected] according to Event Viewer). One will not boot at all (the external case won't power on). Are these drives gonners?

Does anyone have any explanation as to how this might've happened to avoid in future?

Curiously, the drive that is normally in the desktop (boot drive) is fine.

  spras 13:08 06 Sep 2012

Actually after some testing it may have been the external enclosure that has burnt them out in the first place. No power will go to the disk. Is there any way to pull the data off of them?

  lotvic 14:24 06 Sep 2012

"No power will go to the disk" until the HD gets power you've no chance.

By coincidence I've just had fault of a spare drive not powering up. I use it for transferring films from humax pvr to desktop pc (I use a powered usb cable adapter kit - no caddy - cable worked fine on other spare drives) I had already deleted films from Humax.

I spent 2 days trying to power HD up but it was dead as a Dodo, then as I figured I had nothing to lose I wrapped it in poly bag and put in a plastic box and stuck it in the freezer all day Wed. (A last ditch tip I got from forum a while back) Took it out last night but didn't get round to trying it till this morning.

It powered up straight off and I've copied all contents to my desktop pc :)

So I would say first check if a caddy fault or drive fault.

If it's usb caddy fault then try different one or adaptor cable.

If it is the drive and not the usb caddy you could consider the freezer :)

  spras 15:12 06 Sep 2012

Tried 2 caddys and a desktop PC, definitely the drive. I'll give the freezer a go. Cheers for the tip

  spras 15:20 06 Sep 2012

Although looking around I think the PCB is burnt out. Funny smell from the back. Don't think a freezer will fix that one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:37 06 Sep 2012

Throw the case!!

Only way to get data off is to get another drive exactly the same and swap the PCB.

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