podlod 11:16 09 Mar 2009

Hi, I have a local hard disc drive ( C )with 16.1 gb free space, and a hard drive data disc ( E ) with 200gb free space. What I want to ask is, will it be ok for me to place a game with an enormous amount of GB to place on ( E ) drive as opposed to ( C ) drive which would be very limited. T he reason I ask is that a friend advised me to place the game on the ( C )drive? thanks for any help.

  brundle 11:16 09 Mar 2009

Yes, create a folder called Program Files on the E: drive and point in the installer there instead of C:\Program Files.

  brundle 11:17 09 Mar 2009

Every post I've made this morning has extra words or a word missing....

  gardener 11:32 09 Mar 2009

Usually a programme gives you the choice of a custom install when you run the installation. This gives you the choice of where to place most of the files but keeps the executable bit on the C drive in 'program files'. I presume a game installation would give you the same option, but I could be wrong.

  podlod 11:59 09 Mar 2009

Hi, I shall download the game into program files ( E ) drive and hopefully and transfer the ( C ) drive info there that I need to? All my Nvidia graphics are downloaded into ( C ) drive, will this make any difference at all?

  brundle 13:13 09 Mar 2009

No, download the game to any folder you like though of course if you're short of space you might want to put it in a folder called say, Downloads on E:.

Then install to E:

"but keeps the executable bit on the C drive in 'program files'. "

The whole lot goes where you choose, if you choose E:\Program Files, it all goes to that folder.
Don't "move" existing Program Files folders into your new E:\Program Files, it won't work. YOu need to remove and re-install to the new folder for that.

It doesn't matter to the PC where you put your applications, as long as you use the installer so the correct registry entries are in place and the PC knows where to find the files it needs.

  brundle 13:18 09 Mar 2009

There's a distinction between downloaded and installed that might need clarifying - the original "installer" file can go anywhere you like, for example I could put the latest NVidia drivers in a folder called F:\Drivers, but when I run it to install the files, it would expect to "install" them in C:\Program Files\Nvidia, but you can choose another path if you so choose.

It doesn't matter what you do with the installer itself after the process has finished.

F:\Drivers = Downloaded
<drive letter>:\Program Files = Installed

  podlod 15:53 09 Mar 2009

Hi, I have an urgent prob here. I downloaded disc1 to my E drive in a folder, on completion I had to the run disc 2 which I did and a panel came with 5 icons and info files, and it read write these files to a CD, I do not know what they mean, where do I place these files from disc2? and how?

  brundle 16:12 09 Mar 2009

You seem to refer to any movement of files as downloading....I take it you mean you copied files from a CD to your E drive. If the discs are where you install the program from, there is no need to copy them to the hard-drive. The installer will extract the files (installers always use compressed files) and put them in the place you choose when you select a path, as I described before.

Does a balloon pop up when you start Windows saying "You have files waiting to be written to CD"?
Was one of the discs you inserted an RW disc as opposed to a CD or DVD ROM disc?

  podlod 16:32 09 Mar 2009

hi, the first time it did not work so I tried again and downloaded the first part of the software from disc 1 to program files in a folder, then it asked me to download disc 2 which I started to do, but it then showed 5 info icon and said, download these files to cd, and I do not know what they mean, or where to download them?

  podlod 16:39 09 Mar 2009

The panel states as follows; Copy files to a recordable CD drive, or copy selected items and then select your recordable CD as destination. I dont understand?

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