Drivers in Win XP Pro

  Octoz 12:55 05 Feb 2004

How do I access drivers in Win XP Pro?
I have tried to install a USB SmartMedia Card Reader and am being told that Windows cannot find the driver. The Manufacturer's instructions state that the reader doesn't need software in Win XP.
Have succesfully installed in Win 98.

Have tried "Add New hardware" and "Found new hardware wizard"

  [email protected] 13:34 05 Feb 2004

I have had a similar recent problem with a joypad which as with your card reader was unable to be installed automatically.

I tried everything I (and this forum) could think of but the only way I resolved the problem was by performing a clean install of XP and attaching the hardware before installing any more software (or usb hardware) - it was then recognised and intalled no problem.

I guess that it may be some sort of software issue but I the original XP installation that I had to redo was only about one month old and did not have any weird or wonderful software installed.

The only other thing I would suggest before reaching for the disks would be to uninstall any other USB hardware on your system. (& I mean uninstalling the driver software not just unplugging the device).

Out of interest what other usb hardware do you have installed?

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