podlod 07:31 16 Feb 2009

Hi, I wish to download the latest drivers for my Nvidia GeForce 7800gt graphics, but when I get to the site it asks what series, could you please direct me or link me to the download or tell me the series please. When I normally in the past download the update drives, the past drives stay in my folder, is it ok to delete these, or do I leave them as they are? Thank you for any info.

  Terry Brown 07:35 16 Feb 2009

Your best option is to goto the Nvidia site and select the second option.
Nvidia will he check your hardware and select the corrrect drivers for your motherboard and Graphics card.
For best results load both drivers.

The drivers will remove/ modify/upgrade automaticly.


  gazzaho 07:56 16 Feb 2009

I don't mean to be sarcastic podlod but you're using a GeForce 7800gt so that would be the 7 series, the same way a GeForce 9800 GX2 would be a 9 series.

  gazzaho 08:02 16 Feb 2009

Forgot to mention the folders, I would leave the old folders until you're sure the new drivers are not causing problems on your system, once you're sure things are OK you can delete them, I would suggest sending them to the recycle bin, after a day or two if no problems arise then delete them fully.

  crosstrainer 08:07 16 Feb 2009

The link you need for your card:

click here

Make sure you have the correct Operating system selected from the drop down box....It's set to Vista in the link.

  gazzaho 09:55 16 Feb 2009

crosstrainer as far as I can see the link you supplied is for the 200 series cards, podlod use option 2 to automatically detect and recommend your driver as Terry Brown suggested. I just tried it and it works for my card which is the GeForce 9800 GX2 it told me I was using 180.48 drivers and recommended the 181.22 ones, which I'm having problems with in some games so I'm not using them.

  retep888 11:23 16 Feb 2009

The link that crosstrainer gave was just a default nvidia page,he's correct by saying that
<<Make sure you have the correct Operating system selected from the drop down box....It's set to Vista in the link.>>

It'll be the same driver"181.22",only differs on the version of OS and whether it's 32 or 64 bit,
all applicable for 6,7,8,9 or 200 series.

  gazzaho 11:58 16 Feb 2009

Thanks retep888 for correcting me to crosstrainer's post.

I would imagine there is a reason for NVIDIA listing series 6, 7, 8 and so forth drivers, otherwise why do it? Yes it's the same driver version but I wouldn't install the series 6 drivers on my 9800 card, that seem to be what you're suggesting, I believe I'd be asking for trouble doing that.

I also thought that PhysX may play a part in which driver version to download, I was under the impression that some series cards don't support it.

  podlod 14:07 16 Feb 2009

Hi again, I downloaded the drivers ok to my desktop, but I made a mistake and opened them somehow and now I have all the driver docs on my desktop. Is there anyway I can delete them at one go and start again, or do I have to delete them all?

  gazzaho 15:18 16 Feb 2009

First check if the driver installed, try right clicking the desktop and select NVIDIA control panel then select system information at the bottom left corner of the window, another window will appear, select the display tab if not already selected and it will give you the driver version in the details section, if it says 181.22 then the driver was installed.

If the driver installed then you can delete all the files that were added to the desktop, assuming you can tell them apart from your original desktop icons any file that starts nv which is most of them would be a good bet for deletion put all the files you delete in the recycle bin, that way you can restore them if needed. I would delete all the files bar the one you downloaded which is shown below as you can use it if the driver didn't install rather than download it again. If you're using XP the file below will say winxp instead of winvista.

  podlod 15:30 17 Feb 2009

Hi gazzaho, I did exactly as you said and 181.22 drive has been saved into a special folder, and I have deleted all the docs off of my desktop. But how will I know if the drives I have downloaded will now work ok? maybe a stupid question.

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