Peterkins777 12:25 05 Oct 2008

Hi everyone, I am getting a new graphics card and everything I have read says I should get up to date drivers, as I am computer challenged can someone explain exactly how I do this please. Peter

  Pine Man 13:43 05 Oct 2008

Which card are you getting?

  100andthirty 14:35 05 Oct 2008

If you're getting a reasonably up to dat card, I'd follow the instructions that come with it. These may be on a CD Rom. that come with the graphics card.

It would help to say what card you're getting AND what you've currently got

  Peterkins777 15:15 05 Oct 2008

Thank you for the quick replies. I will be getting a Palit Nvidia 8600GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-E Card. At the moment I have on board intel graphics. The Pc is about 3 months old I have 2GB memory and 450wt power supply. I realise that the CD will have drivers, but haven't a clue how to download later ones if I need to. Many thanks Peter.

  Pine Man 15:33 05 Oct 2008

Go to this page and fill in the details of your new card and follow the instructions to download the new driver. click here

  Pine Man 15:54 05 Oct 2008
  peter99co 16:15 05 Oct 2008

Are you on a Vista Machine?

I received an update from Microsoft (optional) which invited me to update my driver and I thought that was good service indeed.

I took the option and it downloaded and installed automatically.

  Peterkins777 17:05 05 Oct 2008

Hi everyone, Ok so I find that there are new drivers available, I press the switch and they are down loaded. What then' where are they? and how do I "attach" them to the card, Peter

  iscanut 17:13 05 Oct 2008

There are 2 ways. Some users say you should uninstall the previous driver and others say just install over the old driver. I have always done the latter with no ill effects. So for (1) go into Control Panel, go to Add/Remove programs, scroll down to find your Nvidea driver and click on uninstall. Restart computer and you will be in ordinary VGA mode. Go to where you have downloaded the updated driver file, click on it to run it and follow on screen prompts to install it. For (2) just go to where you have downloaded the update file, click on it and again, follow on screen prompts to install it.
I would say however, that if your system is fine as it is, there is probably no need to update the driver unless you are an avid games player. If system is fine by you, do not worry about updating for now.

  iscanut 17:15 05 Oct 2008

The official NVidea site is here
click here

  iscanut 17:16 05 Oct 2008

You will need to disable integrated graphics driver before installing your new card. I am not sure how to do this, but I am sure someone can advise.

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