graham12 11:58 11 Apr 2005

need some help have just tried to install a new game but when trying to load get the message driver to old and to update.

Can you please tell me how you go about doing it and where you can get an update.

  PsiFox 12:15 11 Apr 2005

Does the message identify which driver is out of date e.g graphics, sound.

What game and what spec is the pc?

  Catastrophe 12:17 11 Apr 2005

I would go to their website and look for drivers.

Alternatively Google:

"name of game" driver

or you might find it here:

click here

  graham12 12:29 11 Apr 2005

its says graphic's card is old and I am using windows xp

  PsiFox 15:52 11 Apr 2005

OK do you know the make and model of the gfx card?

  graham12 08:00 12 Apr 2005

no is there a way you can find out

  rubella 08:45 12 Apr 2005

Look in device manager/display adapters.

  graham12 08:52 12 Apr 2005

nvidia gforce fx go 5300

Have tried this game on another computer that we have and it works ok it has the same operating system as my laptop windows xp.

Is there any difference between a laptop and normal computer

  rubella 09:17 12 Apr 2005
  PsiFox 11:21 12 Apr 2005

Laptops are much more picky than desktops when it comes to games playing.

The 5300 is not the most effective laptop GPU for games playing.

The latest Nvidia drivers 71.84 do however support your card

click here

  graham12 13:36 12 Apr 2005

have downloaded Nvidia 71.84 but after installing I get the message

The Nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your currant hardware, setup will now exit.

I think its time I gave up as nothing seems to be working

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