Drivermax help needed

  tonyx1302 10:17 27 May 2009

I have checked with Drivermax and find that I need seven updates. I have put them in'Download and upload queue' but cannot find how to download and run them on my machine. What am I doing wrong or not doing please ?

  birdface 11:33 27 May 2009

Hi .I reinstalled Driver Max yesterday and had 5 updates in that box.I left it for a while and when I went back in it said it had started to upload the first one and it did them one at a time until it had finished it took about 5-10 minutes so not sure how it works as I never searched for anything.

  tonyx1302 11:51 27 May 2009

Thanks buteman. I'll sit tight for a while and see what happens but at present, the seven updates are still sitting in the 'Download and upload queue' box


  Sea Urchin 12:55 27 May 2009

If you open the DriverMax program you will see various options on the top Toolbar. The right-hand one is "How Do I Get Driver Updates" which explains in very clear terms how to operate the program.

  tonyx1302 13:31 27 May 2009

Hi Sea Urchin. It did read up on it before posting but what I cannot understand how to transfer from Download and upload queue to download and install. After reading the small print again it states that "it may take some time" to d/l and as nothing has happened for 3hours or so, I am a confused !


  Sea Urchin 14:08 27 May 2009

I think the DriverMax site is a victim of its own success - all those recommendations on this forum maybe :@)

I have just downloaded and installed a new driver, and it went as follows:

Following the scan I found the driver I wanted on the site and clicked Download Driver

"Do YOU Want to Add to the Download List?" - clicked YES

After a few minutes it will be in the Download and Upload Queue (I think that's where you've got to?)

It will then move the driver/s one by one into the lower box - the Drivers Already Downloaded. The Agent Status report at the top should tell you what it is doing - my one driver just took about 4 or 5 minutes, but clearly the site is very congested.

Then select a driver and click on Install Driver.

  tonyx1302 17:43 27 May 2009

Thanks Sea Urchin and sorry for the delay in responding. I think you are correct and it as you say, a victim of its own success.
I will leave the d/l till the morning and see if any have been installed. If not I will delete the prog and leave well alone.
Thank you for your comments


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 27 May 2009

It will only download one driver perday

they will sit in the box with a message "download paused to save your internet connection"

when download they will auto move to the bottom box - select file and click install.

  tonyx1302 18:35 27 May 2009

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\. Now I understand and will see what happens tomorrow


  Sea Urchin 18:56 27 May 2009

It is theoretically possible to download more than one a day, but they do ask you not to because of congestion. And if you have more than one driver in the Download and Upload Queue then it's even less likely that it will download.

From the DriverMax site

Due to the fact that our servers are too busy, please download only one driver a day to help us keep DriverMax FREE!

Please keep only ONE driver to download in the DriverMax Agent "Download and upload queue" list.

If you see a download error message in the DriverMax Agent, it is because of this limitation. If you will keep the agent running the download will automatically continue the next day and this error will no longer be displayed. We appologize for this but for now it's the only way to keep DriverMax free. We are doing our best to improve the service by the beginnig of the next month. Thank you for your understanding.

  tonyx1302 19:15 27 May 2009

Me again Sea Urchin. When I started this morning D/max told me I needed 7 updates which I duly d/l and which went into the Download and upload queue box.
Since starting this post this morning one has d/l itself! I will now wait till tomorrow and see what happens. After reading your above info. I now know what's happening. I should have read the "How Do I Get Driver Updates" more diligently and not blindly jumped in.
I will post again in the morning to let you know what progress I have acheived.
I don't normally tinker as I am frightened to screw up my pc which just runs like a dream at present, but I have never updated any drivers in the past and after reading such positive comments on the forum I thought I should. There's no fool like an old fool.......
Thank you for your help Sea Urchin and I'm now off to watch the footie and as a devoted Arsenal fan ,it won't be easy !


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