Driver updates

  hiwatt 10:48 02 Nov 2007

Hi folks,I've seen some people give advice along the lines of "check that the drivers for your motherboard are updated".I never knew you had to do this.How would I know if my drivers are up to date and how would I do it?Thanks.

  birdface 10:57 02 Nov 2007

Until someone advises you properly.Just go into device manager.Click on whatever device you are worried about and click up-date driver,The proper way I think is to go to the maker of the device and get the latest up-dates from them.Better wait and get some proper advice .But that is the way I do it.

  hiwatt 11:01 02 Nov 2007

Everything's working fine so I'm not worried about anything in particular I'm just wondering if the performance of the computer could be bettered if drivers are updated?Thanks.

  Stuartli 11:03 02 Nov 2007

Which chipsets does your motherboard use (Intel, Via etc)?

  keef66 11:46 02 Nov 2007

If everything is working I wouldn't bother updating the drivers for anything.

Newer drivers are sometimes needed to ensure compatibility with newer hardware / software, but they rarely improve performance significantly.

The only exception to this generalisation is if you buy a newish (recently released) graphics card or other bit of hardware. Frequently the later driver releases will remove bugs and make the thing work better with current and new games / software / harware

  hiwatt 11:49 02 Nov 2007

I'm not sure.The mother board is an AMD athlon 64 sempron 2600+

  Stuartli 14:00 02 Nov 2007

No, that's the processor..:-)

  Stuartli 14:01 02 Nov 2007

I would leave well alone as your system is working as it should.

  hiwatt 14:29 02 Nov 2007

I'm not sure about chipsets,all I know is that it's an Abit motherboard,it was pre built when I bought it.I'll take your advice and leave it alone,I was just curious to see if I would need to update the drivers.Thanks.

  carmichy 14:40 02 Nov 2007

Good one stuartli Why fix if not broken. How did you learn about PC's without asking questions

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