Driver update software

  rob3600 19:31 19 Jul 2009

Can anyone please tell me if you can get any free software for driver updates? Thanks in anticipation

  mfletch 19:47 19 Jul 2009

To tel you the truth I don't trust any of them I would just stick with the windows one,

If it not broken don't fix it come to mind,

  rdave13 20:32 19 Jul 2009

Agree with mfletch.

  bluto1 20:37 19 Jul 2009

Type Drivermax into Google. Last tpme I looked it was free and it checks your drivers weekly and pops up a report. Have a look at it.

  Christian7777 20:29 09 Aug 2009


Hey, how are ya?

You can check out click here.

Download the software and it will scan your computer for free and identify any hardware drivers that need updating.

Then, if you want, you can pay for the software ($40 I think) and it will automatically download and install the drivers for you.

I tried it and wasn't thrilled to spend the money but in hind sight, it now does save me a lot of time as I can scan my drivers anytime to see if they need updating and download and install whatever I need with only two or three clicks.

Pretty conviennient and I don't have to search any company websites or make sure that I am downloading the right versions.

So far worked for me pretty well and my computer definitely works better too.

Sucks to have to spend the money, but its really conviennient so I think its worth it.

Anyway, you can always just download for a free scan and try and download the drivers somewhere else for free if you want I guess.

Hope this helps!


  Sea Urchin 22:34 09 Aug 2009

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  Stuartli 22:51 09 Aug 2009

If you use the PCPitStop system diagnostics test, it will advise you of the latest drivers that are available in the test summary.

It also provides a useful assessment of your system.

click here

Scroll down to Full Test in the left hand panel.

I've used it many a time over the years and the website has been gradually improved with regards to layout.

Otherwise just check with the manufacturers' websites for any drivers you feel may need updating.

  sunnystaines 08:50 10 Aug 2009

what ever software you use do not pay to download drivers.

goto to makers web site and download direct yourself, or google the driver and version number.

  beeuuem 12:04 10 Aug 2009

Or try click here

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