geedad 13:38 17 Jul 2010

I have run a program for updating drivers, and it has shown, after scanning, that I have 1 ancient driver called "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller " it is numbered ver. 5.1.2600, and the recommendation is ver. 2.04.0001.0.
The sellers state that if I buy their app.,( I don't know for how much!), it will update this, but can it not be downloaded for free from somewhere?

  wiz-king 13:40 17 Jul 2010

If it works why update it?

  onthelimit 13:58 17 Jul 2010

I'm with wiz - I only look for an update for that sort of stuff if I have a problem. For things like my Logitech webcam, I do check the manufacturers site from time to time as their updates can improve perfrmance/facilities.

  geedad 14:16 17 Jul 2010

Thanks, Forum members.

  birdface 14:42 17 Jul 2010

You could run Driver Max free edition it will only allow you to update 2 drivers a day but it is free.

  woodchip 16:02 17 Jul 2010

As Wiz-King if you are not having problems, why try to creating some

  rdave13 17:58 17 Jul 2010

I agree not to update drivers unless a problem has occurred (except for gpu maybe) but have to agree with buteman about Driver Max. Got rid of Vista on a laptop to install XP. Got one or two drivers off the HP site that worked but DM got all the rest over a few days. It works in a way that they scan your PC and upload any drivers they need from your system then download drivers you need (two a day) so it's a two way deal.
I've left the program on the laptop but stopped driver agent, I think it's called, from starting up with windows via msconfig. An excellent freebie.

  geedad 19:45 17 Jul 2010


Thanks once again, Forum members!
I do understand all of your comments, which are greatly appreciated. However, I like the thought of being "up-to-date", and if the DM program is free, I might consider using that to update drivers. Having said that, I am not experiencing any problems, it's just that the scanner did reveal a driver that was 8 years old - so could it "improve" my PC?

  woodchip 19:50 17 Jul 2010

Not necessarily it may introduce problems, As above just updating drivers for the sake of it is foolish. When the System is working okay

  woodchip 19:54 17 Jul 2010

As an example, what do you think. A Car as come to what manufactures say the end of its life with reguards they want you to spend on a new one. Old car As is bugs removed New Car like MS Operating Systems is full of bugs, you are the test bed. Do you want something you can rely on though old or something new that gives you nothing but grief

  woodchip 19:57 17 Jul 2010

Only Update Drivers if you have a Problem with the Hardware it works with, as a Update may remove the Problem Bug as in the above illustration

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