driver for snapscan

  dumbkopf 07:35 13 Apr 2003

driver needed to run snapscan 1212P under XP

  -pops- 08:17 13 Apr 2003

click here

File # 12 in the list.


  meatlaff2 13:12 13 Apr 2003

Not sure if you need an updated driver on XP, but I have a 1212p scanner and run Win ME. I have the driver cd disk. If you can't solve the prob I can make a copy of disc and mail it to you, or have you tried downloading driver? Let me know and I'll give you my tel: number. No prob

  dogtrack 16:24 14 Apr 2003

Used to have one myself...good machine. Then I upgraded to XP. Wouldn't run on XP, and they didn't create any drivers for that OS. I believe they have stopped manufacturing scanners altogether now. Anyway I had to buy a new scanner...sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Highly recommend the Visioneer Onetouch series(usb).

  dogtrack 16:32 14 Apr 2003

take all that back! just had a shuffty at -pops- link. And yes there is a driver there for XP.

  cherria 17:31 14 Apr 2003

Take a look at this thread, second post from the bottom gives instructions for installing the 1212p on XP

click here

  carlos 17:36 14 Apr 2003

In XP....I read somewhere else on their site that the software/drivers only work with the 1212P that doesn't have an on/off switch at front. Mine does and sure as hell don't work with XP on my machine... sob. Please let me know if you get it to work

  meatlaff2 18:45 14 Apr 2003

Scrap XP, I'll stick to ME, never had any prob with my 1212. Oldie but goodie.Suffices my needs.

  bluenote 20:23 14 Apr 2003

I phoned agfa about this problem and i was told that if i removed all traces of the scanner from my system before installing xp. when i reconnected the scanner it would automatically work using the old drivers.He actualy said that he had one working in front of him at the time .I haven't tried it my self as I am still using 98se.

  carlos 10:29 22 Apr 2003

For the link to Armin-Eberle( thanks very much to AE, of course). When I followed his initial instructions, it didn't work - balked at the next instructions- tinkering with the registry, God forbid). But then I updated the driver ( via control panel), pointing it to the same EPP200.inf file worked. Don't know why. Would've dumped the scanner without your link and the great advice from AE. It's a very nice scanner...only thing is that the scanwise software doesn't scan to Photoshop 7 ( it states that only supported destinations are listed) BUT if I open Pshop7 and use import command, all's well. Not a major issue really....
Thanks again

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