driver problems

  nicholasii 15:01 01 Sep 2008

i was recently given a Samsung YP-S3JQB as a gift and have been unable to get my computer to recognise it

there was no driver on the cd it came with and no driver on the samsung website

windows xp hasnt been able to find a suitable driver when it does a search of the internet

im perplexed as to how anyone gets this monstrosity of an mp3 player to work

any advice / tips on how to locate a driver or get my pc to recognise it without a driver would be greatly appreciated



  smiler1st 15:08 01 Sep 2008

Hi I can point you in a direction, hopefully the right one I had probs with my Acer laptop reading stuff and drivers needed I got all I needed from this site click here Hope it helps you as much as it did me.

  baldydave 15:10 01 Sep 2008

you may have to install the studio software for it to sync with pc,find it here,
click here=

  nicholasii 15:12 01 Sep 2008

sorry, i should have mentioned that i have already installed the studio software and it fails to recognise any device

ta for the reply though

  ambra4 15:22 01 Sep 2008

Samsung YP-S3JQB driver

At bottom of page click on download centre, you can download the manual, software, and firmware

click here

  baldydave 15:26 01 Sep 2008

Have you tried another usb port? are the usb ports working?

  nicholasii 15:31 01 Sep 2008

as ive said ive checked the website and they dont offer a driver

just a manual, software and firmware - none of which seem to help

yeah ive tested the usb ports with other devices and they are all working

ive tried to plug the mp3 player into another pc and ive had exactly the same problem

ta for the replies

  ambra4 15:34 01 Sep 2008

There is no driver required

Take a read on page 33 of player manual

Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your PC.

USB Connected> appears on the screen display of the player.

Media Studio> will automatically start when the player is connected to your PC.

If the program does not start automatically, double click the <Media Studio> icon

on the desktop.

  nicholasii 15:38 01 Sep 2008

if it was that simple then it would be working

but it isnt

thus the thread

  ronalddonald 17:20 01 Sep 2008

doing a restart and the going to my computer and see if there is an icon for it there. Click on the icon and c if it installs works or whatever you hearts desire.

If that dont work may be it broke check the usb cable or use another usb cable to c. ta ta then

  ^wave^ 17:28 01 Sep 2008

have you gone to my computer to see if a device is shown there if its usb then it should show up even if it has no driver. if it comes up as a mass stoage device i would suspect the device to have had a fault maybe flashing the firmware will cure this

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