Driver Problem and XP Pro

  The Paul 10:03 23 Jan 2004

Sorry folks - I'm still trying to get to the bottom of my crash problem. Previous thread didnt get me sorted out despite your good help.

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Basically, between checking through all the Event Viewer logs, which show Error 1003, and checking on the research facility in MS's site, it looks like a driver problem. Thats the easy part.

All the add ons that I have are also on 2 other systems i.e. printer, ISDN drivers, scanner etc. They all work fine and the systems, which run XP Pro and Home, are very stable. Is it possible that my MoBo/CPU has drivers that could be conflicting with my upgrade to XP. The system came with WinME. I did a clean install not an ontop of. Since then I have reformatted 8-10 times.

Any thoughts folks.

  Chegs ® 10:34 23 Jan 2004

It looks like your USB devices are upsetting XP,have you removed ALL USB devices before reinstalling XP.I get problems with a USB card reader if I leave it connected whilst performing a clean install,XP keeps trying to install itself to a 64Mb SmartMedia card. :-)

  Chegs ® 10:43 23 Jan 2004

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I tried researching error 1003,and this was the results.There are several references to server probs,which I dont understand at all.

  The Paul 11:09 23 Jan 2004

I cant quite see you getting XP on a 64MB card thats for sure.

All devices are removed from the system prior to reinstallation - that is except my Optical Mouse which is USB connected. Other than that all other bits and bobs are removed.

I'm off to read what your link has produced. What I did find on one of my searches was a reference to some software which is a known problem but I dont have anything by them. Lexar or something like that.

Cheers Chegs - Paul

  The Paul 11:34 23 Jan 2004

Could this be my problem. click here - I have an NVIDIA GeForce2 MX100/200 card in my system. This forum discussion and the result certainly looks close.

The information from your search is very heavy techie stuff. I'd even wondered about the BIOS and possible upgrade but that frightens me the thought of carrying it out.

  Chegs ® 11:37 23 Jan 2004

"One of the causes is a
bad memory module"

from here click here

"| Hi to the group...ever once in a while while on the Internet and even
| sometimes in my email program I will get an abrupt shut down and
| restart...Scan Disk etc follows etc but when I view the event log it
| shows in applications that a event number 1003 has occurred...Doing a
| search for this error and checking I see that the error
| is due to the IIS Admin Service not running. (Don't understand this
| at all)"

from here click here

click here This thread says he thinks its caused by RealOne or Messenger updates,as the probs started about the time these were last updated.

I tried search of groups in google,it produced 1,930 returns,so you have a fair bit of reading to do. :-)

  Chegs ® 11:52 23 Jan 2004

My daughters pc runs XP Pro with my old GF2 GC,it has never even crashed in 2+ years of 24/7 operation.The mobo is a K7VZA which I used for ages prior to misflashing its BIOS.I bought a device to remedy the misflash(piggyback BIOS chip)called BIOS Savior RD-1,and have used this device to "play" with various BIOS's,as it has an external switch to change from pc's BIOS chip to the devices.

  The Paul 13:40 23 Jan 2004

OK - understood. I have checked the driver info for the graphics card and its dated 02/07/01. Perhaps this is not suitable for XP. There are newer drivers available - should I update amyway.

I'm looking at the Crucial site for memory sticks prices. Is there any way that I can test my modules before sending for new ones.

  The Paul 15:19 23 Jan 2004


  Chegs ® 16:18 23 Jan 2004

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Here you go mate,just stuck this onto my site.Its a memory tester,I haven't used it yet,but I think it needs copied to floppy/cd or where-ever and then you setup pc to boot from it.

  The Paul 17:14 23 Jan 2004

Cheers Chegs ®. I'm going to run it now and see what I get. Sit tight.

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