Driver with no hardware

  kimisam 12:14 05 Oct 2008

Hi all,

I have re-install windows xp sp3 on my desktop recently after many problems with it. After down loading from Dell's website, I think I had down load one too many sound drivers as I keep having error message after boot up.

can anyone tell me how ccan I remove the extra driver that I don't need please.

many thanks


  Technotiger 12:50 05 Oct 2008

Do a Search for it and when found, highlight it and delete from within the Search window.

  kimisam 23:35 05 Oct 2008

Hi technotiger,

thanks for you respond, I tried that but there is no way of telling which one is the one to be deleted as they all listed as numbers, ie. Dell\drivers\R118968\driver. some says DAT file or File Folder or Application Extension.

I just don't know which one to delete! But I think is the SigmeTel Audio that is the problem as I can see the symbol on the task bar which I have never seen before.

I look into control panel and see it there, but can not delete from there.

anymore help is very much appreciated.


  Eric10 10:18 06 Oct 2008

Hi kimisam

A little more information might help us to help you.
1. What is the model of your Dell computer?
2. Exactly what does the error message say?

  kimisam 01:38 07 Oct 2008

Hi Eric10,

My pc is a Dell Dimension 5100 about three years old.

I have send it back to dell's for repair and three weeks afterward it won't boot up, it went on to "Blue screen of death" everytime, so at the end, I was instructed to re-install windows xp and lost everything.

after the re-installation I have no sound at all and I asked for help in here and was advise to go to dell's website for the download of drivers, which I did. I think I have downloaded too many sound drivers.

  Eric10 10:40 07 Oct 2008

According to the Dell website the audio should be Sigmatel, as you say. The relevant driver download is R114282.

When Windows loads it looks at your hardware and loads the relevant drivers for the hardware it finds so I don't understand why you think having too many drivers is the cause of you problem. If the hardware isn't there then there wouldn't be an attempt to load a driver.

If it really is a driver for none existant hardware then the only place I can think that it would show up would be Add and Remove Programs. In Device Manager there can be one or more Unknown Devices listed but this is always when there is hardware fitted but no driver for it which is the opposite of what you are thinking.

May I ask once again for the exact wording in the error message you say you are getting.

  kimisam 00:59 08 Oct 2008

Hi Eric10,

Thanks for your reply, the exact wording of the error is:

IDT Audio system tray application has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

and then there is the option of reporting the error to Microsoft.

mny thanks,


  Technotiger 08:15 08 Oct 2008

Aha ... found this in another forum where many were having the same problem - notice second paragraph .....

I was encouraged today by WindowsUpdate to install (yesterday's) optional
new version (from Sep 2007 ?) of the "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC"
(driver), and having done so, after a system Restart, I got the message "No
sound device installed" (and the loudspeaker icon was crossed out red in the
System Tray).

I then entered the CtrlPanel - System - Device handler - Sound device - and 'rolled
back' to the previous driver version, then OK'd and immediately my Sound
Device was back again, fresh and sound (literally).

  kimisam 00:50 10 Oct 2008

Hi Technotiger,

thanks for input, I have no sound at all before I download the sound drivers and now I do have sound but it's just the error message after boot up that is annoying.

I don't have a speaker icon on the task bar but I do have sound, so I don't know what is wrong wit it.

any thought?


  Technotiger 05:16 10 Oct 2008

Run click here in its default setting, this may get rid of the annoying message.

  kimisam 01:31 11 Oct 2008

Hi Technotiger,

I do have c cleaner installed but make no difference.

many thanks and problem presist.

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