Driver needed for OLD webcam

  ened 16:05 18 Jun 2009

I am running Vista Ultimate 64 bit so I have no idea whether this will even work.

I have a Logitech Webcam from c1998.

The cdrom contains Quickcam Home 1.02 drivers.

My computer will not install or even look at the cd.

I have tried the Logitech site and tried Google. Without contacting Logitech I can't see the name of the product but Google seems to think I need qc601enu.exe.

I can download this but would like to know for sure if this is what I want and if not will it be possible to get this cam working?

  user8 16:14 18 Jun 2009
  ened 16:22 18 Jun 2009

That site appears to want a fee.

Why do all these sites keep offering Driver Update software?

I like to update my drivers myself, especially as upgrades can often cause problems.

In this instance all I am looking for is the right driver for an ancient Logitech webcam that I don't know what model it is?

  ened 16:58 18 Jun 2009

I have downloaded the 'Driver'.

It has installed a programme called Logitech Quickcam but the camera isn't recognised.

When installing the hardware I directed it to the folder with the driver in and it rejected it.

Any other ideas as to how I might get this working?

  Technotiger 17:23 18 Jun 2009

I reckon you will have to accept that you are asking for the impossible.

In any case, why bother with such an old cam, new ones are so cheap these days.

  T I M B O 17:28 18 Jun 2009

I don't know if this will help, but i shall keep looking...

click here

  T I M B O 17:44 18 Jun 2009

I found this also, was recommended to me, but i have never used this site >> click here

Best of luck !!

  Technotiger 21:19 18 Jun 2009

Hi, I greatly admire your efforts, but think about it - Vista 64bit with a c1998 camera ?? No way Jose!

Though I will be happy to be proven wrong ...

  T I M B O 21:55 18 Jun 2009

Yea i know what ur saying, it's a long shot for sure and i agree with you.

user8, have a look here for a new >> click here

  citadel 22:28 18 Jun 2009

i have an old logitech camera it works on xp but not vista.

  ened 06:48 19 Jun 2009

From Logitech:

"I am very sorry to inform you that this webcam is not supported in Vista. It uses the older ImageStudio 7.3 software that is not compatible with Vista.

QuickCam® Home is an old legacy camera. Due to hardware limitation within the camera, we cannot load the necessary driver package into Vista and it did not pass Vista's DTM (Driver Test Manager) tests. Since the issue is caused by the camera hardware, no matter what changes we made to the driver codes did not make any difference.

Your QuickCam® Home was designed before these Vista DTM tests where conceived. The camera does pass Windows XP WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) tests without any problems. "

Technotiger was correct but I have an old XP machine here so I shall try it on that.

Thanks for trying T I M B O.

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