Driver magician 3.5 free for 24 hours.

  birdface 11:03 29 Sep 2009

Hi never tried this before but can see it coming in handy for anyone having to reformat.

click here

  mafiosi 11:13 29 Sep 2009

click here

Double Driver.

Stores your drivers in an .exe file.

  Stuartli 13:18 29 Sep 2009

Don't use mafiosi's link - RED warning via McAfee Site Advisor.

  oldbeefer2 13:31 29 Sep 2009

Avast Pro seemed quite happy with it?

  Stuartli 13:55 29 Sep 2009

Safer download location for Double Driver:

click here

Similar type of utility:

click here

  cocteau48 20:01 29 Sep 2009

Do not forget that if you have to reformat and re-install your OS then you are going to lose todays freebie copy of Driver Magician and without it you cannot restore your saved drivers ... unless you buy it of course!

  cocteau48 08:35 30 Sep 2009

Lazarus The 2nd

I would prefer that you did not refer to my comment as "utter rubbish" on the basis of provisos.

"IF"... one does not have a full image backup program ...what then?

"IF"... one does not have the confidence or knowledge or expertise to find and extract information from the registry ...what then?

Not everyone who reads this forum has the tools and expertise at their fingertips which you do.

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