Driver Magic problems

  CR93Pete 12:30 11 Apr 2007

Having upgraded my home built PC with the program Driver Magic which came on the DVD, to try and upgrade after fitting a new AGP as it had never been done in about 5 years. This was a Radeon 9550 which was fitted in December. There was a shortcut on scren( had the title of ATI Catalyst Control Center ) and additional programs in the menu. After running the Driver Magic program I was amazed by the number of drivers updated ( about 21 I believe ) which took some time to install but the whole PC seemed to be performing better than expected. After the final restart I was supprized to see that I now had 2 icons on screen for the AGP ! The new one was only marked Catalyst Control Center no ATI memtioned so I know which is the new one. Unfortunately non of the programs now work, from the menu or icons. Neither does the machine switch off as it did before, it requires two goes at shutting down, before it does so. At the first attempt it keeps the Zone Alarm going and the second one it shuts it off and closes down. I thought first of all the Zone Alarm was the problem, so deleted it comletely before re-installing but it is still the same. I suspect that it has duplicated some of the ATI programmes and is not wanting to work but I am rather uneasy about deleting the drivers and re-installing them. I am trying to edit some video which is very important to me and family and don't want to work with a system which could be deffective.I had sent an email to Driver magic to their Xpert reqesting help but I have had to copy and paste from Outlook Express to the Orange Webail which I use so I am not sure they have received it. They should have but No reply after two days. What should I do next ?

  I am Spartacus 12:36 11 Apr 2007

Assuming it's XP and you have system restore enabled roll back to a time before you did the update.

  CR93Pete 13:50 12 Apr 2007

I have used the System Restore as you suggested ( don't know why I didn't think of that )It worked fine and I have ended up with a PC that stops as it is supposed to. But unfortunately it hasn't got rid of the two icons of the graphics card. and I have had problems with Zone Alarm since. I had to delete it completely and re-install it so that I could access the internet. It has however changed the driver on the first icon to 30/8/05 which is correct but the other is still the26/3/07 which was the day that I installed Driver magic and tried to update the drivers. None of the programs for the card work.
Should I re-install the previous Gainward MX420 card after re-installing the appropriate drivers. Then remove all the programs and drivers for the ATI card, before re-installing the drivers off the original disc and updating off the net, before refitting the card ? Then obviously I would have to remove the Gainward software and drivers.
Finally I will use the Driver magic to update the drivers that I want, because the Pc certainly improved having done it before. Does this sound correct to you ?
Thanks for taking the time to deal with this, I sorry that it has taken so long to get back to you . Has your site been down? as I couldn't access it but could get others sites.

  Stuartli 14:17 12 Apr 2007

I have the same 9550 graphics card, but only use the ATi driver and ATI Tray Tools instead of the Catalyst version.

ATi Tray Tools is a comparatively small download and yet does all that Catalyst can. See:

click here

(the ATi driver can be downloaded from the AMD website: click here).

It's also worth downloading Driver Cleaner Pro (freeware) after reading this excellent advice regarding graphics cards:

click here (also one for nVidia).

  CR93Pete 11:51 13 Apr 2007

Thank you Stuartli & I am Spartacus,for your help. I think I can now see the way out ot the trees ! I have downloaded the latest drivers from ATI and Driver Cleaner pro, which I will transfer to a CD so that I have copies. I have found out that the Gainward card should run without any drivers added as I am running XP home. Do you know whether the Ati card needs the drivers supplied to run or can I just remove the ones I have now ? And of course re- install the new ones ? It would save me the trouble of changing the cards and back. I am glad that Stuartli has also got this card and has some experience with it. I was impressed with the Tweakguides and Softpedia sites with the amount of usefull info they had . It took me quite a while to absorb the gist of what they were putting forward. Although I don't have any interest at the moment with games, I am just interested in using the graphics content to produce a real quality video taken on an American Panasonic camcorder. I have been very pleased with"converting NTSC to Pal" with a converter and editing before cocking up the drivers. let me know if I can get away with not taking the card out ? Thanks

  I am Spartacus 12:32 13 Apr 2007

Firstly and I should have mentioned this before. Backup your video now!

Also did you remove the drivers for your Gainward card before installing and loading the Radeon ones. This might be the cause of your problems.

You don't need the drivers for the card as Windows will supply a basic driver but there will be a noticeable lack of performance with a dedicated one.

Alternate drivers for ATI cards are available from Omega click here

I've been using them for a few years with a big increase in graphics performance.

  I am Spartacus 12:34 13 Apr 2007

Correction- It should read '...there will be a noticeable lack of performance without a.....'

  CR93Pete 13:54 13 Apr 2007

Thanks for your speedy reply. Yes the video is backed up, at the advanced state it is in. One of the things preventing me from doing more to it is the fact that I don't trust the graphics after the driver update. You may be right that although I deleted the drivers and program for the Gainward card, there must be something left as when I ran the Driver Magic it found some Nvidia drivers to update but as far as I could tell they were for a Sound system that I don't recall installing ! There may be others and could be a contributary factor in the fact that the ATI programs are not responding.
So I think the best thing is try and use the Driver Cleaner on the Nvidia drivers /files to remove them and then try and remove the ATI program first with the uninstall facility . Then use the Driver Cleaner before I install the latest from Their Website ( I have already got this on CD) Hopefully it should work properly after all that and I will let you know the result after. I will give an hour before starting as it will prbably take that long before you can tell me I'm doing something wrong ! (aaand I have other things to do ! ) Thanks once again.

  I am Spartacus 13:59 13 Apr 2007

Try Detonator Destroyer to uninstall Nvidia drivers.

  I am Spartacus 14:37 13 Apr 2007

Forgot the link click here

  Stuartli 15:14 13 Apr 2007

The key role of Driver Cleaner Pro is to remove any remaining remnants of earlier graphics drivers.

Haven't needed to download the ATi driver since originally doing it from the ATi website before the AMD takeover, so not sure if you can still do it.

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