Driver installation caused blue screen boot issue

  mrtask 13:07 01 Dec 2008

I'm running XP Pro, I installed a new scanner driver which has caused my PC to show blue screen message then it reboots.
The blue screen message does not stay on long enough to read, I've tried rebooting in safe mode but no joy, it now won't even get to the windows screen.
Any ideas??
I know I could reinstall Windows to sort this but I cannot afford to loose my e-mails & contacts on my PC, yes I know I should back them up. The rest of my files have recently been backed up.

Any ideas??

  brundle 13:13 01 Dec 2008

Disable automatic restart;
click here

What's the stop-code?

  CLONNEN 13:22 01 Dec 2008

If you cannot get back into Windows at all you could try using the Recovery Console on the Windows Original Setup Disc to restore to one of the System Restore points on your computer. If that doesn't work you have no alternative but to reinstall Windows but backup your files first.

If you have a Linux boot disc knocking around (you might have one from the PC Advisor Mag) you might be able to boot into LInux with it and then mount the hard drive and copy your files to another hard drive or burn to CDR.

If you don't have a Linux boot disc :

Take the hard drive out of the computer and connect it temporarily to another PC long enough to copy the files you need onto a USB drive or burn them to a CD.

Then put the hard drive back into your PC and reinstall Windows.

  mrtask 14:13 01 Dec 2008

Cannot get into Windows to disable auto reboot.
Restore console won't work either.
I take it the stop code is on the blue screen? doesn't even reach the blue screen now, not that it stayed on long enough to read anyway.
Haven't got a Linus boot disk. either.

  brundle 14:29 01 Dec 2008

Sorry, mis-read the post. Tried "Last Known Good Configuration"?

  CLONNEN 15:20 01 Dec 2008

Download Puppy Linux click here and burn it to CDR then boot with it.

I've used it to rescue files from hard drives in the past.

  mrtask 21:46 01 Dec 2008

Last known good config also does not work.

Will try the puppy Linux.

Thanks will feedback

  mrtask 13:01 03 Dec 2008

Right tried allsorts, puppylinux didn't boot no idea why?

Anyway, I have installed Windows on another partition, I have managed to back up all my files.

Now I only need to back up my contacts & emails from Outlook Express, any idea how I do this from one drive to the other?
I believe I need to back uo file outlook.pst & I'll be sorted but when I search for it I cannot find it.

  CLONNEN 13:14 03 Dec 2008

Outlook.pst is if you use Microsoft Outlook part of Microsoft Office for your emails.

For Outlook Express the emails are stored in a folder at :

c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Identities\

Basically you need to copy the folder whose name begins with 6EE5E . Inside are lots of files with .dbx extensions which contain your emails.

Just go to File - Import in Outlook Express and browse to wherever you have copied the 6EE5E folder to and it should re-import all the emails.

  CLONNEN 13:17 03 Dec 2008

Or I guess you could just point it to the old partition directly in the Import.

If you plan to keep the old partition for storing data and documents that is.

  mrtask 13:33 03 Dec 2008

In the Idendities folder there only seems to be an empty folder titled DA73B7FA-A480-4569-B501-1710DB0B6C25

any ideas?

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