driver failure

  tinky 12:44 28 Nov 2003

please help i have downloaded the latest nvidia driver for the tnt2 card when i try to install games i get a message which reads an installable
vitual device driver failed dii initilisation what does mean and what can i do about it
thank you

  smegs 13:06 28 Nov 2003

R U sure it say's dii and not DLL?

  smegs 13:10 28 Nov 2003

We need more info!!!!

  plankton 16:15 28 Nov 2003

Have you reset all your display characteristics following the upgrade? I had some funnies after downloading an nvidia upgrade (startup took ages). I noticed that the upgrade had altered the display setup, so reset back and everything was hunky-dory again. Might not be...but worth a look.

  tinky 19:29 28 Nov 2003

sorry it did say dll

  smegs 22:40 28 Nov 2003

What DLL? Tell us what file. Someone will then be able to point U in the right direction. It will say something like "xxxxxxxxx.DLL"

  tinky 10:20 29 Nov 2003

this is the message that comes up when i try to load the games c:\program files\alwill software\avast4\aswmonvd.dll an installable virtual device failled dll initialization choose close to terminate the application

  smegs 00:03 04 Dec 2003

tinky, sorry I haven't replied. I have found this for U. Hope Ur not shy about going into Regedit. "When I choose 'Ignore', the program runs fine. But this gets annoying. I searched online, and found out, that if I go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\VirtualDeviceDrivers\VDD in my Registry and delete VDD, it fixes the problem." click here go down to Sunday October 26 2003.

  DieSse 00:08 04 Dec 2003

This is from your anti-virus software.

The nvidia driver installation tells you most clearly to disable anti-virus software before installing the driver. If you didn't, then you must do so.

  DieSse 00:09 04 Dec 2003

If this does not work (re.installing the driver with the AV disabled) - then try running the games with the anti-virus disabled.

  DieSse 00:10 04 Dec 2003

PS - or try installing the games with the AV disabled.

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