Driver error during game play?

  murgle 20:48 02 Nov 2003

Up until recenty I have been playing a game called Virtual Sailor which is a sailing simulator game using DirectX. However since purchasing a new computer running on XP Pro, I have been experiencing problems. The game played perfectly on my old machine running Windows 98SE.

1. Istead of the waves rolling smoothly and the ship riding the waves smothly, it has a jurking effect (like a bounce).

2. Afer a few minutes of play, the computer sometimes freezes and has to be reset.

3. If a new ship is selected, sometimes the computer just resets itself.

After the computer resets, XP wants to send an error report which mentions a driver error but no more details. All my drivers are up to date.

The System requirements for the game are as follows:

Pentium II
Windows 98
Sound card
3D graphic accelerator

My PC as follows:

AMD Athlon XP2800+
MSI Nforce 2 motherboard
128MB ATI Radeon 9500
19" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro monitor
Wndows XP Pro

I have spoken to other users on the game forum who have similar computers and they do not experience any problems. The game maker is unable to help and says it must be a driver error.

Any help appreciated

  hugh-265156 21:52 02 Nov 2003

game updates click here

graphics card updates click here

direct x9 click here

update your mobo drivers too maybe.

  murgle 16:17 03 Nov 2003

Sorry, What are mobo drivers.

  powerless 16:23 03 Nov 2003

mobo - Motherboard, a big sqaure like thing that has lots of connections. It connects everything up on your computer, memory, cpu are on this mobo.

These i think click here

click here

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