driver doesn't seem to work

  whitejoefish 02:13 05 Jan 2003
  whitejoefish 02:13 05 Jan 2003

I have installed new software for finepix a204 but when i plug in the camera no icon appears and
i can't get at my photo's.
I already have software installed for my epsilon
1.3 which works perfectly well any ideas?

  Lozzy 02:53 05 Jan 2003

Does your driver support your windows version?? If not download the up to date driver from the camera's web site

  Gongoozler 08:23 05 Jan 2003

whitejoefish, what version of Windows are you using. I am using Windows 98se, and the drivers for my Sony camera are only to enable USB communication. The camera apears as a removable drive in My Computer. Windows XP doesn't need any drivers. Most of the software supplied with a digital camera is only for image handling and editing.

  Gongoozler 20:26 05 Jan 2003

I am using ME and the software gives you a choice of drivers ME included


Hi whitejoefish. It's best to post your replies via the "Add a new response etc" box at the bottom of the page. This keeps the thread alive, and hopefully someone familiar with your problem will then spot it and reply.

With my Sony camera, the ME driver is the same as the Windows 98 driver. To download the pictures to my computer, I use "My Computer" to cut and paste the files from the camera (the "Removable Drive") to the location where I want them. The system may be different for your Fuji. What does the manual say should happen?

  whitejoefish 23:29 05 Jan 2003

Thanks Gongoozler i'm new to this,
the manual says that after installing the software
put the lead in the camera and switch on,the light on the camera should flash green and orange and a icon should appear in my computer.
The camera doesn't flash and no icon appears but when i switch to webcam the computer says windows
picking up new hardware.
I have unloaded my pictures on someone elses computer who has the same sofware with no problems,i have also put their driver in my computer and still no luck

  Gongoozler 09:35 06 Jan 2003

whitejoefish, is that a literal "an icon should appear in my computer" or "an icon should appear in My Computer". In my Windows 98se system, a "Removeable Drive" icon appears in the "My Computer" window. I then transfer the files just as I would from any other drive. I also am new to digital cameras, but this bit worked very easily. Hopefully someone with a similar camera to yours will pick up on this thread and comment.

  whitejoefish 22:13 06 Jan 2003

No removeable icon appears at all so there is nowere to remove files from if anyone out there
knows anything about this please let me know

  Gongoozler 09:21 07 Jan 2003

whitejoefish, do your usb ports work ok for other devices?

  1st RHA 09:36 07 Jan 2003

test usb and cables, try uninstall and re-install, perhaps use friends disc

  siarad 09:40 07 Jan 2003

On the Me CD there may be a file called USBVIEW.EXE, it's on W98CD. Run it & it'll show connected USB devices. I've copied it to my PC

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