Driver for a Dell 19" monitor?

  1936 22:12 23 Jan 2005

My monitor died and a friend lent me a Dell 19" monitor. When I first switched it on it was great but when I switched on later everything was negative and the background colour had changed. I assume that I need a driver but when I go into Dell it askes me for information I do not have.
Monitor name. Dell D1226h

  Alan2 23:01 23 Jan 2005

If it's any help I too have a Dell D1226H and it appears to be running on NVIDIA RIVA TNT.

  AndySD 23:29 23 Jan 2005
  Forum Editor 23:37 23 Jan 2005

there will be a good generic driver for the monitor - have you configured it via the display settings in Control panel?

  1936 02:41 24 Jan 2005

I followed thhe link from Andy S D and spent a happy hour or so finding that I needed a "D1226H (1200HS Series)" which I input into their system and got nowhere. Their forum said that it dosent exist but if you key it into Google a load of mentions come up. I opened my control panel but its frozen so wwhere do I go now?
I'm begining to wish I had kept the bent Mesh now.

  AndySD 03:10 24 Jan 2005

Is there an FCC ID on the monitor

  thms 09:28 24 Jan 2005

If you cannot use control panel right click anywhere on desktop select properties/settings/advanced/moniter/properties/driver/update driver windows should install generic driver.

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