triflesterms 07:35 13 Oct 2004

Hi ive got driver conflicting at the moment, but im not sure how to find out which one it is, im using xp pro, amd duron 800mhz, 256mb ram, 30gb hd, ive already tried system restore 3 times without success,i didnt understand why that didnt work to?

Hope someone out there can help?

  Spark6 11:33 13 Oct 2004

Have you received the blue error screen identifying the driver conflict?

Is it hardware or software driver conflict?

  triflesterms 12:39 13 Oct 2004

Im not sure if its hardware or software,though i havent installed hardware for a while so it could be software,& no i havent had such screen, there were no exclmation marks in device manager,also i checked if updates were available for all drivers, none of them need updating.
Hope you can still help.


  triflesterms 08:52 14 Oct 2004

hope someone out there can still help me with this problem?

  ventanas 09:01 14 Oct 2004

Sorry, but I can't really follow this. How do you know you have a conflict, and what drivers are causing a problem? Are you getting any error messages, if so what do they say? Also what symptoms do you have that suggest a driver conflict.

  triflesterms 09:15 14 Oct 2004

Im not sure what driver has the problem, thats the problem,i know i have a problem cause i got a message saying that windows has just recovered one of the registry files, after that i sent error report, when that finished it took me to microsoft website which said i have a driver conflict, it didnt state how to fix or what driver is conflicting, i cant even use nortons system works one button check, everytime i scan my pc reboots before its even finsihed scanning windows registry.
Hope this helps

  ventanas 09:32 14 Oct 2004

Assuming you are running XP click here

  triflesterms 09:42 14 Oct 2004

I did the scan, it scanned for files without digital signature, it came up with my sound card, i downloaded the latest driver for it about 3 months ago, what should i do know?

  ventanas 09:44 14 Oct 2004

Try rolling back the driver from within device manager. If that won't work I'm afraid I've run out of ideas.

  triflesterms 09:57 14 Oct 2004

I just rolled back driver, then i tried one button check up, the same again it rebooted my pc,then i got system recovery message & the same microsoft website saying that error caused by device driver.
Im not sure what to do next, i dont want to have to reinstall xp, i shouldnt need to do that to fix a driver problem.
Thanx for your help, hope someone else has an ideas about it?

  triflesterms 10:03 14 Oct 2004

I tired that website scan again & it said files are digitally signed, but i must still have the problem cause of windows message.

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