driver can't see modem

  Prospero 15:03 10 May 2008

I have a new computer running Vista. Device manager shows Speedtouch 330 modem connected. Explorer shows the new driver software installed. I have one red flashing light on the modem instead of the expected two green. Software was installed correctly with no earlier versions on the new machine and modem connected afterwards when advised. Where do I go from here?

  Cockney Rebel 15:11 10 May 2008

Presumably your line has been enabled for b/band.Would be worth checking with your i.s.p

  Prospero 15:14 10 May 2008

Yes, line enabled. I can use it on my old Win98 computer.

  Ditch999 15:22 10 May 2008

You do know that you cant run 2 ADSL modems at the same time on the same line. You mention "I can use it on my old Win98 computer."

  Ditch999 15:24 10 May 2008

Try plugging it in to a different USB socket.

  Prospero 15:29 10 May 2008

I've tried all other usb sockets and am only using one modem at a time. Thanks for your replies.

  Prospero 15:47 10 May 2008

Suddenly had a thought and turned off Zone Alarm. Two green lights now but still can't connect. However I have to go out now so will consider this closed. Thank you all.

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