Driver for a Canon Mutipass L90

  Chris the Ancient 15:16 23 Mar 2003

A friend of mine has a Canon Multipass L90 printer/scanner/copier/fax machine.

She wants to upgrade her operating system to Win XP, but can't find a driver for the Multipass.

Anyone seen/heard of one?



  spikeychris 15:26 23 Mar 2003

Looks like shes struggling, theres a few sites that say theres an NT driver that might work.


  Chris the Ancient 15:29 23 Mar 2003

This what we thought. Certainly Canon won't help, but my friend is unwilling to write off a machine that cost her £600 when she bought it.

We're desperately hoping that someone may have discovered a way of doing it.


  spikeychris 15:37 23 Mar 2003

click here for some tiny bit of hope. You could email Msoft with the link to show your interest.


  recap 15:49 23 Mar 2003

MultiPASS L90/ CFX-L4500 are NOT supported in Windows XP / 2000 / NT 4.

click here for further information.

  Chris the Ancient 15:50 23 Mar 2003

Thanks for that lead. I am following that one through.

I am, though, disappointed by Canon's attitude!


  Chris the Ancient 15:53 23 Mar 2003

Sorry, you were posting at the same time as me. Aren't Canon a pain in the you-know-what with their built-in redundancy on this one though?


  recap 16:00 23 Mar 2003

spikeychris's suggestion is worth following up.

I agree with you Chris the Ancient, they are a pain in the preferables.

  Chris the Ancient 16:01 23 Mar 2003

I have emailed M$.

Guess how much hope I hold out!


  Chris the Ancient 16:46 23 Mar 2003

Looks like we've exhausted this topic, so it's got the tick.

(Unless anyone else knows differently!)


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