driver for belkin network card

  rickwoo 12:29 11 Dec 2005

I have been trying to install a belkin desktop network pci card, F5D5000uk on my computer. It detects the card, but does not find the driver from the cd supplied. My computer originally ran on Windows 98, but i upgraded it to XP a while ago. It has been suggested that I need the original 98 disc to complete the download of the driver. Any ideas? Thanks, Mike

  PaulB2005 12:47 11 Dec 2005

If you've upgraded then you don't need the Win 98SE CD. However from personal experience I've never needed extra drivers for NICs under XP. Are you sure it's not working?

Try removing the NIC from the Device Manager and rebooting.

  rickwoo 13:27 11 Dec 2005

I've tried to reboot and reinstall, still no success. Do you know where I can get a driver for XP from. Mike

  PaulB2005 13:34 11 Dec 2005

Belkin sites doesn't have a driver to download. All the NICs i have installed under XP use the native drivers with XP - no need for a CD or any other drivers.

Did you remove the card from the Device Manager before rebooting??

  PaulB2005 13:37 11 Dec 2005

See click here

"Xp detects it and automatically installs, other op systems need the disk"

  rickwoo 13:39 11 Dec 2005

Yes I removed it before rebooting. Are the drivers generic or specific to belkin? If so is there any way of finding the driver. Do XP have them built in already? Mike

  PaulB2005 13:43 11 Dec 2005

XP should have the drivers built in (native drivers)

This is a link the the manual for the F5D5000 on Belkins site click here

"After installing the network PCI card, XP will auto install the correct driver automatically."

  PaulB2005 13:49 11 Dec 2005

Read also

FAQ: What do I do if the card did not install properly the first time or if there is an error for the card in the device manager?

click here=

FAQ: What do I do if the card is not being detected at all and it is not shown in the Device Manager with an error on it?

click here=

  PaulB2005 13:49 11 Dec 2005

BTW is the card definately not working? What does happen when you remove it from Device Manager and reboot?

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