Driver Backup Windows 98SE

  grandobs 14:33 04 Jan 2008

My wife has been given an old Toshiba Laptop Model 4070CDT
As is still has Business programs running and networking requires a password, after backing up using "Retrospect" to a usb hard drive, I formatted and installed a licenced copy of Windows 98SE.
All works well except the display is 640 x 480 and display properties will not change it to it's original 1024 x 768 This stops BT Hub software from loading. I have now restored the original system.
How can I backup the original drivers and then restore them to the newly built system? [This can be done with free software Drivemax 2.4 and another but not on Windows 98SE]
Has anyone any ideas?
Cheers Grandobs

  xania 14:43 04 Jan 2008

I would not recommend trying this as many drivers place entries in the Registry so should be installed afresh each time. What you need is the original software/drivers install CD, which, I assume, was not passed over with the PC. Best bet is the Toshiba website

click here

find your model and download the drivers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 04 Jan 2008
  grandobs 16:10 04 Jan 2008

Thankyou both for your replys.
I have been down this track but I get confused because there is no Satellite 4070CDT listed only 4060CDT & 4080CDT one has 46 and the other 48 available [public] downloads. Do I take a chance and download all that are applicable to Windows 98SE ? I cannot get online with the Toshiba as the BT Hub software will not load. Can I download to our other computer and "SAVE" to the usb hard disc and then connect this to the Toshiba to "RUN".
I am sure that it is only the graphic or display driver that I require but dont see any applicable to this in the two Toshiba lists!

  Les28 16:59 04 Jan 2008

Is this the laptop model
click here

are these the video drivers
click here

  grandobs 17:41 04 Jan 2008

Yes the 1st ckick is the laptop model and on the 2nd click I wouldn't know if any of these were the drivers that are in the laptop when it gives the correct higher resolution or the ones required!. Can anyone tell me how to display the drivers in the computer? As the first reply mentioned, what I am missing is the "original software/drivers install CD".
Thanks everyone - must dash out for a few hours now as this old retired gentleman has to play a league game of indoor bowls at Acle.
But don't stop helping me find the ONE driver that I am sure will solve my problem.

  Les28 23:07 04 Jan 2008

You could try click Start then Run type hwinfo /ui then click OK might give some idea of hardware and drivers or try running SIW system information for windows

click here

might tell you the drivers or the graphics hardware and you can search for drivers for that hardware.

I thought that driver bundle I mentioned before was the one for the graphics adaptor in the 4070CDT Toshiba, but you could try hwinfo /ui or SIW to make sure what's in the laptop.

  woodchip 23:18 04 Jan 2008

I was given a old Toshiba Satalite Win98se a Pentium 466mhz Got all drivers from toshiba and Drivers guide sites The hard drive that was fitted was a 6.4Gb drive it was dead, I fitted a 20Gb drive And reinstalled 98se from a disc I have

  Les28 09:12 05 Jan 2008

Have a look here
click here

Product Type select Archived Files
Family Satellite Archive
Product Series Satellite 40xx
Model Satellite 4070
Operating System 98SE
Driver Type Display

Hope this is it.

  grandobs 13:12 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for that info. Les28 - I had looked in the same place but didn't realise that I should be looking at "Archive". I have downloaded that driver to this computer together with the graphic driver that you suggested in your earlier reply. I can transfer them via a usb hard drive to the Toshiba Laptop, after I have restored Windows 98SE yet again. I am not sure how to use these new zipped drivers on the Toshiba. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated otherwise I will "google" fo help.
Cheers Grandobs

  Les28 13:46 05 Jan 2008

Think your best bet would be to unzip the file from Toshiba on an XP machine and you'll have a normal yellow folder then take that over to your 98SE machine, 98 won't be able to unzip it otherwise, or you'll need to download a free unzipper like JustZipIt

click here

for the 98 machine if you are going to unzip it there.

Open device manager in 98se thats control panel, then double click the System Icon, click the Harware tab then click Device Manager then look for Display Adaptors then right click Display Adaptor then click Update Drivers and browse to where the unzipped folder from Toshiba is but Google like you say, as there may be a better way of doing it.

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