DriveImage7 restore complications,

  Dae 20:02 04 Jun 2004

Did I go wrong when using DriveImage7?

Is it possible to restore a single drive only on a HDD that is partitioned into three drives?

I have had a result I did not expect after doing a Single Drive restore using Drive Image7.

My main HDD is partitioned into C: D: and E:. WinXP is on C:\. I make images of C: using DriveImage7.

I had a crash (after trying to install GoBack) and the computer would not boot. DriveImage was used to recover, i.e. the saved image of C: was copied from a second HDD onto the main HDD.

The computer booted, and worked fine. However, the main drive was now filled with just one big C: drive. Drives D: and E: and their data content had gone.

Is the disappearance of D: and E: inevitable, or could I have done something to restore just C: and leave D: and E: untouched?

  woodchip 20:12 04 Jun 2004

No it should not have done that But do not loose you Drive Image Backup now as it may be the only one you have got

  Dae 22:13 04 Jun 2004

Thank you for the information, woodchip.

This was the first time I had used DriveImage in that sort of situation, and I was not sure what to expect. I wonder what I did to cause drives D: and E: to be deleted?


  Simsy 23:01 04 Jun 2004

I know that XP has a built in means of managing partitions...

If you created the image of "C"...

THEN you used this XP tool to create the partitions...

Perhaps restoring the original status has removed means by which XP knows where the partitions are?

I have to say I think this is unlikely, as I suspect that the partitions created by the XP disc management tool are "conventional", i.e. not something specific to XP... however, perhaps worth throwing the idea in the hat!



  Dae 10:41 05 Jun 2004


I get your point.

In this particular case the partitioning was done before the image was taken, and stayed unchanged - until DriveImage changed it during a restore.


  Simsy 12:37 05 Jun 2004

Anyway... you originally asked, "Is it possible to restore a single drive only on a HDD that is partitioned into three drives?"

The answer to that question is "Yes". I do it a lot.

It's not something I've done, but I think it's also possible to do what you seem to have achieved deliberately. It may be that you made a wrong choice jsut before the warning screen that says something like, "Warning, all data on this partition will be destroyed. Do you wish to continue"?

(Note that I'm only familiar with version 4, so sorry if 7 is drastically different)

Good luck,



  stylehurst 13:23 05 Jun 2004

I agree with Simsy, you almost certainly made a wrong choice when restoring your C drive.
Do you only make an Image of C drive, or do you also image the other drives?
Do you make separate images for each drive or make one big Image ? if so that was your error.
I regularly use TI7 to make Images of 2 machines to an external HDD. Everything works fine as long as you are VERY careful to choose the correct Image for the restoration.
Assuming you have Images of the other 2 partitions all is not lost provided you use something like Partition Magic and then reload the 2 missing partitions

  Dae 14:25 05 Jun 2004

I make an Image of C: only.

C: contains the OS. It is a fairly new computer, and the small amount of data that was on D: was backed-up to a CD.

When I saw what had happened, I used Partition Magic to re partition the drive and restored data from the CD.

But what I need to do now is find out what I did wrong, so this kind of disaster does not happen again if I have to do an Image restore. Any ideas?

I am pleased to get your messages saying that it does not have to happen the way that it did. Thank you.


  woodchip 15:10 05 Jun 2004

Was there a Hidden partition with XP files and software also drivers on it so you could run a restore disc. Just as a example, my comp a Medion the Hard Drive it split into three with OS on C:\ on D;\ some software and all Drivers on E:\ Image files created with DI to do a restore of

1/System Files so I can boot if probs

2/System Files plus Drivers so I can boot if number 1/ does not work or

3/ Full restore back to as when I bought computer

I also was supplied with the full XP Home disc, Full Work's7 disc and OEM NERO full version disc plus other software so I am doubly covered although I have copied these partitions to disc JUST IN CASE

  woodchip 15:13 05 Jun 2004

Seeing what as happened to you, I would make a copy of the Image file you restored just in case one goes puff

  Dae 18:06 05 Jun 2004

In this case, woodchip, there was no hidden partition/restore disk.

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